Everyday 2 for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Everyday 2 for Genesis 8 Male(s)

The guys were a bit jealous of Everyday 2's versatility and wanted in, so we perfected a male version that is compatible with all Everyday 2 texture add-ons (past, current and future)!

Everyday 2 is as simple as it is versatile! You will use this clothing set again and again, because it merges a laid-back, everyday and comfy style with top-notch features:

  • A realistic mesh, with great-looking flow, folds and details.
  • Great morphs, to add style and dynamism, maintaining a realistic look.
  • Realistic looking, PBR materials that look great both from a distance and up front, your character will always look like they are wearing actual clothes.
  • Texturing details that make a difference, such as displaced border, seams, embroidered logos and little imperfections.
  • Various d-force settings for both the Shirt and Pants so that it's easy to conform the morphed
  • clothes to your character pose even with extreme clothing morphs and poses interacting!

  • Custom fitting morphs for some of the most popular and peculiar characters.
  • High-quality add-ons that make this package even more versatile and useful.

Everyday 2 is comprised of a v-neck t-shirt and 3/4 pants, and also includes a "behind the neck version" of the t-shirt. It sports 5 different styles with some variants and optimized d-force settings for the best outcome when using very dynamic poses and morphs.

Get Everyday 2 for all of your straight and simple clothing needs, and watch its versatility bring your characters to life.

Note: You will not always need to use d-force in order to enjoy the clothes movement and style morphs, but with some more extreme characters and poses it can come in handy and improve the final outcome. Also remember to check the "helper" section under morphs as it includes useful morphs to fix poke-through or other issues you may run into.

What's Included and Features

  • Wearables: (.DUF)
  • Complete Everyday 2
  • Shirt
    • FBMs
      • Darius
      • Floyd
      • Lucas
      • Michael
      • Owen
      • The Brute
      • Auto Muscle Enhancer
    • Helper Morphs
      • Abdomen Enlarge
      • Abdomen Enlarge more
      • Bttm Enlarge-Shrink
      • Bttm Enlarge-Shrink More
      • Enlarge Hips
      • Expand - Shrink
      • Flat
      • JCMs Controller (useful with d-force)
      • Neck smaller
      • Shirt fit Pants
      • Shirt Inside Pants
      • Simple shorten
    • Movement Morphs
      • Back down
      • Back down more
      • Front down
      • Front down more
      • Front Up 01-02
      • Inflated fun
      • Larger neck
      • Left side up
      • Right side up
      • Shirt fun 01
      • Shirt tight
      • Simple Float 01-04
      • Simple Up
      • Sleeve misplaced
      • Too Big
  • Pants
    • FBMs
      • Darius
      • Floyd
      • Lucas
      • Michael
      • Owen
      • The Brute
      • Auto Muscle Enhancer
    • Helper Morphs
      • Alt Base Pants (default)
      • Enlarge All
      • Front Out
      • Hip Inflate
      • Inflate All
      • JCMs Controller (useful with d-force)
      • Left Leg Inflate
      • Left Side out
      • Right Leg Inflate
      • Right Side out
      • Shirt Inside Pants
      • Top Enlarge All
      • Top Enlarge All More
    • Movement Morphs
      • Fly
        • Fly Open 01
        • Fly Open 02
        • Fly Open 03
      • Knees
        • Knee Left Back Float
        • Knee Left Front Float
        • Knee Left Inner Float
        • Knee Left outer Float
        • Knee Right Back Float
        • Knee Right Front Float
        • Knee Right Inner Float
        • Knee Right outer Float
      • Other
        • Back down
        • Back down more
        • Front down
        • Front down more
        • Low waist
        • Side down left
        • Side down left more
        • Side down right
        • Side down right more
        • Top up
        • Top up (use with Alt Base Pants)
        • Very low waist
  • D-Force helpers
    • Pants
      • Base setting
      • Borders loose
      • Borders stiff
      • Loose
    • Shirt
      • Base setting
      • Borders loose
      • Borders stiff
      • Loose
  • Styles (Iray)
    • Displacement settings
      • !No_Displ
      • !SubD_Displ_Lvl 0 (default)
      • !SubD_Displ_Lvl 3 (close-up)
      • !SubD_Displ_Lvl 5 (best)
    • Classic Style (cotton shirt and jeans pants)
      • Classic Black Pants
      • Classic Black "red energy" Shirt
      • Classic Black Shirt
      • Classic Light Pants
      • Classic Shirt Variant
      • Classic White Pants
      • Classic White Shirt "squares"
      • Classic White Shirt
    • Comfy Style
      • Comfy Pants
      • Comfy Shirt Light
      • Comfy Shirt "rad"
      • Comfy Shirt
      • Comfy Shirt Variant
    • eNergies Style (cotton shirt and thick cotton pants)
      • eNergies Pants
      • eNergies Shirt plain
      • eNergies White Pants
    • Pajamas Style (terry cotton)
      • PJ Day Pants
      • PJ Day Shirt plain
      • PJ Day Shirt
      • PJ Night Pants
      • PJ Night Shirt plain
      • PJ Night Shirt
    • Tough Style (ribbed cotton and faux leather pants)
      • Tough Pants Light
      • Tough Pants
      • Tough Shirt Light
      • Tough Shirt
  • Textures Include:
    • 144 Base Color, Height, Glossy, Metallic, Normal, Roughness (.jpg) (4096 x 4096) files
    • Textures are PBR based on the Metallic / Roughness workflow
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: