Thorne for V4

Thorne for V4

From the springs at Pixie Glen
To the Moon Cairns of Wylde End,
From the green depths of the Wylde
Comes a strangeling fairy child.

Greenman's daughter, fair of face,
Sheltered in our Maiden's Grace,
Smiles and wiles away the hours
In this Place Where Trees Rain Flowers.

Presenting Thorne, a very classy fairy girl for V4! Thorne comes complete with custom sculpted face, neck, and fairy ear morphs, and body created using DAZ 3D V4 morphs. Her high-resolution textures created from photos include seven gorgeous makeup options and three captivating eye colors. Separate INJ and REM poses for both V4.1 and V4.2, as well as MAT files for Poser and for DAZ Studio round out this versatile character package.

Required Products
Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
  • DAZ Studio Users: There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for these Presets. DAZ Studio will automatically apply the DAZ Studio version of the Material Presets, giving you the correct DAZ Studio look to your Thorne Character. Please see the ReadMe for additional information.
Compatible 3D Figures
Victoria 4
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Thorne Character for Victoria 4:
    • Custom head and matching neck seamless morph set
    • Custom fairy ears, lip and nose adjustment morphs included
    • Body INJ/REM poses (V4 morphs required)
    • Injection/Remove poses in versions for BOTH V4.1 and V4.2
    • 7 Makeup Options
    • 3 Eye Color Options
    • 1 Eyes Fix Pose for the Custom Face

  • High Resolution Textures Included:
    • 8 Head Texture Maps (4000x4000)
    • 1 Body Texture Map (4000x4000)
    • 1 Limb Texture Map (4000x4000)
    • 1 Mouth Texture Map (2000x2000)
    • 3 Eye Texture Maps (1000x1000)
    • 1 Lash Texture Map (1000x1000)

  • Bump and Specular Maps Included for Each set
  • Poser MAT files to apply all texture options (.PZ2)
  • DAZ Studio MAT files for all texture options (.DS)

Professional Quality Always From The Names You Trust For Beautiful Characters.

Compatible figures: 
Fairies Elves for Daz Studio and Poser