Far From Home - Winter Legion

Far From Home - Winter Legion

Far From Home - Winter Legion is the most powerful addition to NextLevel’s Roman Series product line. A must-have item for history buffs and render artists.

It is unknown when the Roman Legions began incorporating plate armor (termed Lorica Segmentata by 15th-century historians) into the rank and file. Most historians agree it was some time after the Marian Reforms in the 1st Century BC. Some contend that rue Roman’s initially encountered it in the east when fighting the Parthians, and adopted the concept and created their own derivative armor.

This product focuses on the plate armor as it might have been worn by legions on the cold northern frontiers of the empire. And while it is known that Rome never deliberately campaigned in the winter, legions were stationed all along the frontier year round and there were frequent raids and skirmishes.

The legionaries donned wool or fur footwear in addition to their traditional legionary boots. To combat the cold, they would also wear longer sleeve tunics, arm wraps, and patchwork scarves around their necks and head. Legionaries would also make use of longer trousers in the cold, even though there are records that pants were generally discouraged among Roman citizenry. But when on the frontier, survival, warmth, and practicality were far more important than decorum.

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: 
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