Floral Elegance Fabric Iray Shaders - MR

Floral Elegance Fabric Iray Shaders - MR

The Floral Elegance Fabric Iray Shaders with Gold Detail - the perfect fusion of sophistication and opulence!

Elevate your digital designs with these exquisite shaders, featuring intricate floral patterns and luxurious gold accents. Ideal for fashion renders, interior decor, and artistic projects, these shaders add a touch of refined elegance to any creation.

This is a Merchant Resource and can be used to texture your projects for sale. Please read the "Readme" file for usages of this Merchant Resource.

The texture files in the Runtime folder can be used directly in Substance Painter, for example. Mix and match and use them as a base to create unique textures.

Experience the beauty of high-quality, photorealistic textures that bring your visions to life with stunning detail and depth.

What's Included and Features

  • Floral Eelgance Fabric Iray Shaders: (.DUF)
    • 20 Floral Elegance Fabric Shaders
    • 15 Tile Shader Utilities
  • Textures Include:
    • 22 Textures for Base, Height, and Metallicity Maps (2048 x 2048)
  • Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)

Add them to your creative toolkit today and infuse your projects with timeless beauty and luxury!

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.22

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

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