FN Ruby Outfit (Red) for G8F

FN Ruby Outfit (Red) for G8F

FN Ruby Outfit (Red) for G8F

This is a complete conversion of the outfit the character Ruby wears in the game Fortnite. This is her Default (Red) version. Included are all the parts separated into individual wearable presets, as well as a complete outfit wearable preset. All items also contribute to over130 shaping morph sliders between them. Some of these Sliders are specialized corrective movement adjustment sliders across the X,Y, and/or Z axis. Weather you desire is to pose and render or animate and render this outfit is loaded with all the corrections you may or may not need.

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Wearables (.DUF)


Expand All
Expand Arms
Expand Wrists & Hands


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Adjust Back 1
Adjust Back 2
Adjust Front
Armpit Adjust L
Armpit Adjust R
Blow Front Back
Blow Side 2 Side
Center Depth Alt
Center Depth Smoother
Center Depth
Center Height Bottom
Center Height Top
Center Pinch
Center Width
Chest Expand
Down All
Expand All
Expand Arms
Expand Breast Left
Expand Breast Right
Expand Breasts
Expand Neck Width
Expand Wrists
Flat Chest Smoother 1
Flat Chest Smoother 2
Front Down
Front Height
Front Width
Height Adjust Front
Height Adjust Rear
Height Adjust
Lift Breast L Alt
Lift Breast R Alt
Lift Breasts Both Alt
Loosen Armpits
Loosen Back Lower
Loosen Back Upper
Loosen Collars
Loosen Side L
Loosen Side R
Loosen Sides
Loosen Torso
Nipple Adjust
Rear Loosen
Show Breast L
Show Breast R
Side Down L
Side Down R
Sternum Height
Under Height
Under Lower
Under Smoother 1
Under Smoother 2
Under Smoother 3
Waist Height


Adjust Back 1
Adjust Back 2
Adjust Back L
Adjust Back R
Adjust Belly Lower
Adjust Belly Upper
Adjust Front L
Adjust Front R
Adjust Front
Adjust Side L
Adjust Side R
Boot Adjuster 1
Boot Adjuster 2
Center Height Rear
Crotch Width
Down All 1
Down All 2
Expand All
Expand Hip L
Expand Hip R
Fit Underwear Back Sides
Fit Underwear Back
Fit Underwear Front Sides
Fit Underwear Front
Front Center
Front L
Groin Smoother 1
Groin Smoother 2
Height Adjust
Length Lower Shorten
Loosen Abdomen 1
Loosen Abdomen 2
Loosen Back Lower
Loosen Front Mid
Loosen Hip 1
Loosen Hip 2
Loosen Side L
Loosen Side R
Offset Front Back
Offset Side 2 Side
Rear Loosen 1
Rear Loosen 2
Sitting Adjust
Thigh Adjust L
Thigh Adjust R
Thigh L Depth
Thigh L Width
Thigh R Depth
Thigh R Width
Waist Lift Left
Waist Lift Right
Width Hip
Width Waist


Expand All
Height Adjust Front
Height Adjust Rear
Height Adjust
Lift High
Side Pull L1
Side Pull R1
Side to Side L
Side to Side R
Widen Top
Widen X
Widen Y
Widen Z

Materials Iray (.DUF)


9 Texturemaps (.png) for Base Color, Bump, Displacement, Emissive, Height, Glossiness, Normal, Reflection, Roughness, Specular, Transparency (1024 x 1024 to 2048 x 2048)

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