Lyones Number 03 boots for G8M

Lyones Number 03 boots for G8M

Number 03 is science fiction/fantasy boots for Genesis 8 Male. They can be used as sci fi boots or rain boots.

Number 03 contains the following:

- Boots
- 8 Material (Iray) for the Boots (Rain Boots)
- 4 Boot Shapes + 1 Boot Shape Reset
- 4 Boot Styles + 1 Boot Style Reset

These boots contain 23 full body morphs. You will find them in Actor/Full Body in the Parameters tab. All the following FBM morphs are supported (any other Genesis 8 Male shapes are supported by auto-follow):
-Christian 8
-Darius 8
-Edward 8
-Floyd 8
-Landon 8
-Lee 8
-Lucas 8
-Michael 8
-Nix 8
-Ollie 8
-Owen 8
-Sanjay 8
-TheBrute 8
-Vladimir 8

For a list of partial body morphs please see the ReadMe File.

The boots contain also adjustments and custom morphs. You will find them in Actor/Adjustments in the Parameters tab.

-AdjBack L/R

-AdjFot2 L/R
-AdjFot L/R


-AdjShin Back L2/R2
-AdjShin Front L2/R2
-AdjShin In L/R
-AdjShin Out L/R
-AdjShinMid In L/R
-AdjShinMid Out L/R


-Boots thinner 2
-Boots thinner

-Expand Band L/R
-Expand Heel L/R
-Expand Holders Ankles
-Expand Holders Shins
-Expand Rings Ankles
-Expand Rings Shins
-Expand Toe box L/R
-Expand Top Ankle L/R
-Expand Top Ankles
-Expand Top Shins

-Fit Over Pants

-Heel Larger L/R

-Ring holders Ankle L/R
-Ring holders Shin L/R

-Shin Larger Back L/R
-Shin Larger Front L/R
-Shin Larger L/R

-Sole flat

-Sole thinner

-Strap Inside L/R
-Strap Out L/R

In this package you get 8 materials (Iray) but you can put any color on the boots.
-Go to surface tab
-Select the surface(s) of the boots you want to change.
-Left click on the Base Color's little square on the left and set None. You get a white blank object. Don't worry, it's normal.
-Left click in the Base Color's big white rectangle and apply any color you want.
-You're done for a rendering! If the color is too bright, just make it darker in the Base Color box. If the item is too shiny/glossy, just change the Glossy Roughness or/and Glossy Layered Weight.

10 Texture maps (4096x4096).

Texture addon for this product will come soon.

Thank you for you support and I hope you will enjoy these boots.

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Compatible figures: 
Footwear for Poser and Daz Studio