Nazi Zombie Officer

Nazi Zombie Officer

Nazi zombies are a horror trope that is found in films, video games and comic books. These typically have forces of the Axis powers, consisting of undead zombie Nazi soldiers fighting for the Third Reich, or Fourth Reich. In the book Nazisploitation!: The Nazi Image in Low-Brow Cinema and Culture, the genre was described as a small theme of horror films. Early Nazi zombies films are during the war period itself such as King of the Zombies and Revenge of the Zombies.Nazisploitation began to appear concurrently in other film subgenres. These include a mini-invasion of Nazi zombie films such as Shock Waves, and Night of the Zombies. The style also applied to later European films such as Zombie Lake and Oasis of the Zombies. The genre became a popular topic with the popularity of zombie films in the 2000s, which included films such as Horrors of War, Dead Snow, and Frankenstein's Army.More modern films such as Overlord, continue the Nazi zombie film genre. Our model presents such archetypal villain, wehrmacht or ss waffen soldier turned into undead fighter. He is armed with standard issue mauser rifle and equipment of all field gear. Ready to return to battlefield and spread the death and chaos as he did before. Its up to you to stop him once and for all.

What is included:
Poser figures conformers
NaziZombie Officer Tunic
NaziZombie Officer Breeches
NaziZombie Officer Belt
NaziZombie Officer Armband
NaziZombie Officer Jackboots R+L

Smart Props:
Pistol Parabellum Luger p-08
Pistol Holster
Officer Hat
Awards and Decorations:
General Assault Badge
Party Eagle Pin
Party Pin
War Merit Cross
German Cross
Close Combat Badge
Wounded Badge

SS Black and Green Uniform
Worn, Torn, Bloody and for Tunic and Breeches
Muddy and Bloody for boots

Five original product poses now with gun hand

Gunned Down Skin Texture
Herr Cadaver Original Figure

Up to 4kx4k and textures suitable for closeups, Unpacked Runtime Size: 130 MB.
suitable for animations. Movie,Comics, Videogames inspiration/Historical reconstruction/Original Design.
Clothing and prop set is thematic addon for my original figure Instant Zombies: Herr Cadaver. Herr cadaver is included here as lite version. No other purchase is necessary. This thematic pack does not support original morphs, since are irrelavant for this item. Due to high amount of riggid props it is not recommended to use any other clothing morphs. Nazi and SS insignia are used for historical purposes only.

Software: Poser 7+

Footwear for Poser and Daz Studio