Red Army: Soldier

Red Army: Soldier

Soviet or Red Army uniform for World War II period consists of: gymnastiorka shirt, galife pants, sapogi boots, pilotka hat and some other additional items. Gymnastiorka was a Russian military shirt-tunic comprising a pullover style garment with a standing collar having double button closure. Additionally one or two upper chest pockets, with or without flaps, may have been worn. It had provision for shoulder boards and sometimes reinforced elbows and cuffs. The Tsarist version had the standing collar while the M35 version had a stand-and-fall collar which was replaced with the standing collar in the M43 version. Galife Breeches with fitting shins and greatly expanding on the hips. The Russian name for trousers is given by the name of the French general Gaston Alexandre Auguste, Marquis de Galliffet (1830-1909), who introduced them for the cavalrymen. Later riding breeches were borrowed by other armies.

What is included:
Michael 4 Conformer Figures:
Gymnastiorka Shirt
Galife Pants
Palatka - Groundsheet - Folded
L+R Sapoga Boots

Smart Props:
Pilotka Hat
SSh-40 Helmet
Water Bottle
Grenade Bag
PPSh-41 SMG Magazine Bag

Medals and Badges
Guard Unit Badge
Hero of USSR
Order of Red Star
Order of Red Banner
Order of Lenin
Order of Red Banner of Labor

Dynamic Prop:
Dynamick Palatka - Groundsheet

Material Poses:
Red Star Helmet
Plain Green Helmet
Dirty Boots
Clean Boots

Hide body
Show Body

Scaled to poser people, up to 2kx2k textures, product is intended for closeups, midrange and distant shots, selected dials with limits on, fully rigged figure is suitable for animations. Conformer clothing for Daz3d Michael 4 figure, many popular morhps included. Unpacked Runtime Size: 160 MB. Historical Reconstruction.

Software: Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
Footwear for Poser and Daz Studio