Universal Shoes for G8M

Universal Shoes for G8M

Universal shoes for Genesis 8 Male is a package of shoes intended for self G8 creations.
What is included:
- two obj figures, one for each shoe with adjusting morphs each
adjust fingers.dsf
adjust foot volume.dsf
adjust top shoe 2.dsf
adjust top shoe 3.dsf
adjust top shoe.dsf
expand all.dsf
Heel length.dsf
loosen ankle.dsf
loosen knee.dsf

-layered tiff with separate shoe zones for quick creations of new models i.e. open it in PS, apply new layer style, save new jpg and open in DAZ. That simply new shoe can be done!

-transparency presets for shoe length and style (please see promo)
00_Transp ZERO default.duf
00_Transp ZERO default.duf.png
Transp 001.duf
Transp 001.duf.png
Transp 002.duf
Transp 002.duf.png
Transp 003.duf
Transp 003.duf.png
Transp 004.duf
Transp 004.duf.png
Transp 005.duf
Transp 005.duf.png
Transp 006.duf
Transp 006.duf.png
Transp 007.duf
Transp 007.duf.png
Transp 008.duf
Transp 008.duf.png
Transp 009.duf
Transp 009.duf.png
Transp 010.duf
Transp 010.duf.png
Transp 011 Velement.duf
Transp 011 Velement.duf.png
Transp 012 Velement.duf
Transp 012 Velement.duf.png
Transp 013 Velement.duf
Transp 013 Velement.duf.png
Transp 014 Velement.duf
Transp 014 Velement.duf.png
Transp 015 Velement.duf
Transp 015 Velement.duf.png
Transp 016 Velement.duf
Transp 016 Velement.duf.png

-material zones for quick shader replacements (please see promo)

-poses for Left, Right or Both G8 shoe fit + zero each (6 in total)

-as default 3delight shoes but package includes Iray presets

-shoes loaded separately, but UV maps are symmetrical

All You need to obtain unpredictable and beautiful results for character :) please enjoy :)

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Compatible figures: 
Footwear for Poser and Daz Studio