FXY Selena Teen Character for Genesis 8 Female

FXY Selena Teen Character for Genesis 8 Female

Say hello to Selena Teen. She's a cute and sexy Genesis 8 Female character with a nicely toned body and a great figure. Selena is ready to be featured in your next Daz Studio render, so make her a part of your content library.

Selena Teen comes with beautiful skin that has just the right amount of blemishes. She has three skin tone translucency presets and three different bump presets. Since she is intended to be an 18-19 year old teen, she also comes with genital texture support. Selena has fibermesh eyebrows in three shades, four eyelash styles, and FXY morph dials for eyelashes and nails. She has a whole variety of different eye colors, makeups, lips, and nails custom made for this character.

As a bonus, Selena comes with three cute tattoos made just for her. There is one for each arm, and one on her chest. Each tattoo has four different colors.
The tattoos load as a geoshell, so they are super easy to apply and remove.

See more details below.

Full Character Load Preset
Full Apply and Remove Presets and Morph Dial
Head Apply and Remove Presets and Morph Dial
Body Apply and Remove Presets and Morph Dial
Full Skin Apply
Genital Texture Apply
3 Skin Tone Translucency Presets
3 Skin Bump Presets
3 Fibermesh Eyebrow Presets
4 Eyelash Styles with FXY Morph Dial
8 Eye Color Presets
8 Eye Liner Presets
8 Eye Shadow Presets
8 Lip Color Presets
Nails Apply and Remove Presets with FXY Morph Dial
8 Colored Nail Style Presets

3 Geoshell Tattoos
4 Tattoo Color Presets

All options and presets are neatly organized in folders for your convenience and ease of use.

This is an original product, and requires only the Genesis 8 Female to use it.

Thank you so much for your interest, and we hope you give her a try. We welcome and appreciate your feedback.


Please note:

Nothing else comes with this product. Hair, clothing, poses, environments, props, and any other scene items visible in the promotional images are used for marketing and promotional purposes only.

This character has been designed for and has been tested on the Genesis 8 Female base character.

This product was tested and rendered in Daz Studio 4.20 using a PC. This product has not been tested using a Mac.
All textures are Iray only.

FXY Selena Teen Character for Genesis 8 Female | 3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser