G8F's Shattered Destiny HD: MJ the Goblin-Ess

G8F's Shattered Destiny HD: MJ the Goblin-Ess

G8F's Shattered Destiny HD: MJ the Goblin-Ess

FOREVERMORE Price Cut: Originally $30.00 USD when purchased separately, now bundled together for only $25.00 USD!

Embark on a journey of fractured fates with "G8F's Shattered Destiny HD: MJ the Goblin-Ess." This exclusive bundle merges the high-definition allure of Mary Jane Watson with the formidable mystique of The Green Goblin-Ess, crafting a narrative of shattered destinies and newfound identities in your Daz Studio creations.

Key Features:

Mary Jane Watson HD: A G8F Tribute
- High-definition character preset for Genesis 8 Female
- Fiber Brows and Lashes for added realism
- HD Textures up to 4k, providing lifelike detail
- 5 Handcrafted Nail Polish Patterns and Eye Colors
- Multi-Layered Skin Features for a three-dimensional look (Bump, Micros, Normals, and Top Coat in USE)

The Green Goblin-Ess: HD Emerald Enigma for G8F
- Unique character preset for Genesis 8 Female
- Detailed Fiber Hair and Lashes
- High-resolution textures and detailed skin maps
- Custom sculpted HD morph for an original look
- Anim-8 ME Pumpkin Prop and Mary Jane's Mirror Prop

For a complete breakdown of files and contents, please refer to the item pages for "Mary Jane Watson HD: A G8F Tribute" and "The Green Goblin-Ess: HD Emerald Enigma for G8F."

Seamless Integration with a Note on Daz Studio's Morph Handling:
Both character presets are designed to work harmoniously, allowing for a seamless blend of characteristics. Be mindful of Daz Studio's handling of "Reverse Deformations" on morphs. Balance the morph adjustments for a smooth transition between characters.

Imagination-Grabbing Mini Story:

In a city where destiny lies shattered like fragments of a broken mirror, Mary Jane Watson and The Green Goblin-Ess stand as two halves of a fractured whole. By day, Mary Jane's compassionate heart guides her, but as night falls, the fierce spirit of The Green Goblin-Ess emerges. Their lives, once parallel, now converge in a tale of shattered dreams and newfound purpose.

As they navigate the labyrinth of their dual existence, they discover that their fates are not just intertwined but irrevocably fused. In the face of adversity, they find strength in their unity, becoming a beacon of hope and resilience in a world that seeks to fracture their resolve.

Their journey is a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit, a saga of two souls shattered by fate but bound by an unbreakable will to forge their own destiny. In the echoes of their footsteps, a new legend is born, one that transcends the boundaries of hero and villain.

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