Pirates Ye Be Warned!

Pirates Ye Be Warned!

Gibbeting was a common law punishment, which a judge could impose in addition to execution. It represent some sort of metal cage or a basket for displaying decaying body of a criminal for public display as an example of warning to other. It was hanged on gallows-type structure either on crossroads, castle or city walls and in our pirate case in entry to harbour. This practice is used most often in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but there are documented cases of the use of gibbeting in some countries in the twentieth century. Our model is a typical form of gibbet in the form of simple iron cage for storing corpses convicted criminals until full decomposition. So it is also used to alert the pirates and therefore discourage their intentions to attack the city or harbor. Our model is perfectly applicable to other similar needs, you can equip them to your dark fantasy dungeon sceneries, to expose the bones of your enemies on the walls of castles and towns. Certainly there are many other uses for this, although gloomy and dark, but still very useful and versatile scenic props. The model is designed as modular, so you can combine various props to your liking. Enjoy!

Included are:
15 smart props:
single gallows
double gallows
three gibbet cages
three chains
three skeleton remains
2 ground props
2 warning sign props

4 multiligh presets

Textures 4kx4k

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