Wasteland Warriors - Boarding Truck

Wasteland Warriors - Boarding Truck

It seems that we are incorrigible ... Barely we survive through one doomsday, we invent new means and tools to bring about another disaster... Our product today is first part of construction kit for producing mean and evil postapocalyptic vehicles. These are compiled from various machine parts, car components and armor fragments, supplemented by powerful engines, and assorted variety of defensive and offensive weapons. The first model is an utilitarian truck, which is available in two variants, namely as a strong "Technical" with cal .50 machine gun in the turnable turret, and as a truck with the curious device, a sort of Persian pole, used by acrobatic fighters for embarking on enemy┬┤s vehicles. The model is made as a construction kit, which means that you can use different parts for different purposes and in the future you can also combine these parts with each other from other car models of the series. This model is suitable for every post-apocalyptic society, including zombie attacks, chaos and anarchy, post-nuclear war, and so on... So - Prepare for the apocalypse!

What is included:

Poser ERC Figure:
Universal Chassi
(7 various supercharger intakes)

Poser Figures:
Machine gun .50 Cal
Truck Interior
Gun Turret
Boarding Pole

Smart Props, Prop Sets and Props:
Truck Cabin
Truck Platform
Front and Rear Bumpers
Front and Rear Gangplanks (L+R)
Exhaust Mufflers
Tractor Wheels
Jerry Cans, Jerry Cans Rack
Ammo Case, Ammo Crate

Material Poses:
Dirty and Clean Engine
Dirty, Clean and Chromed Supercharger
Dirty, Clean and Chromed Air Intakes

M4 Driver
M4 Gunner
M4 Pole Operator
M4 Pole Fighter

Pole to Board

Scaled to poser people, HR textures suitable for closeups

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