GHD FairyTales - Lanterns

GHD FairyTales - Lanterns

This set is essential not only in the fairy world but also in everyday life. With its help, we can see better in the forest, and in the alley, but it can also be of great use to us in the back garden.

There are 3 variations of the large lantern. Cage, Glass, and Energy ball. The Cage and Glass Lanterns are complemented by snow-covered geometry shells for the Winter scenes. In addition, the set also includes two wonderful fairy lanterns in a celestial theme. Sun Lantern and Moon Lantern. The Moon Lantern works with the candle included in the set, while the Sun Lantern contains a breath of sunlight.

The large lantern can be moved in several ways. When loaded, it is organized into a Group, so it can be easily moved around by the ring where its pivot point is located. By clicking on the ring, it can be lowered onto the top of the lantern, so it can also be used when placed on a surface. By clicking on the lantern itself, the pivot point is at the bottom of the lantern.

The lantern consists of separate parts, so the morphs of the various parts can be achieved by selecting the elements. If you use Cage or Glass morphs, set them to High Resolution for a better look. The texture of the lantern may change slightly when using High Resolution, but sometimes it may be necessary. The Cage, Glass, and Energy are also provided as wearables for the Lantern Base to allow easy switching between these parts if you wish to do so along the way.
The bowl of the Moon Lantern can be hidden, and the Sunray and Sun (crystal) parts of the Sun Lantern can be shaped by selecting them.

For the sake of easier handling, the product includes pre-made sets and their wearable version for both Genesis 8 Male and Female and Genesis 9, together with the appropriate left and right hand and a couple of (left and right) arm poses.

Of course, there are also a few texture variations in the pack. They are also included as Hierarchical Material Presets, making their application easier.

Since lights react differently in different light conditions, there are many settings for the candle flame. You can adjust the visibility and brightness of the flame and the halo, and even the power and color of the sun in the Sun Lantern. The set also includes a night setting, as well as toggling the Spectral Rendering option on and off and candlelight (halo) strengths for Spectral Rendering. See the included promo images for some comparison. In the promo images, the lantern does not contain any point light to illuminate the things around it, but only the use of the Spectral Rendering option helps with this. At other times, it is sufficient to turn on the Caustic Sampler and Guided Sampling options (especially for interiors)on the Render Settings/Optimization tab.

It is true that the product contains several texture and material options, but I recommend looking at the additional GHD FairyTales - Lanterns Textures for more interesting options.

What's Included and Features

  • GHD FairyTales - Lanterns (.DUF)
  • Sets:
    • FairyTales Lantern Moon
    • FairyTales Lantern Sun
      • Sunray shapes
        • Inside
        • Large Ray Shape
        • Rays end rotate
        • Rays Rotate Left
      • Sun (crystal) shapes
        • Side Out
    • FairyTales Lantern with Cage
    • FairyTales Lantern with Cage + Snow Cover
    • FairyTales Lantern with Energy
    • FairyTales Lantern with Glass
    • FairyTales Lantern with Glass + Snow Cover
  • Wearable Presets for Figures (load with hand pose):
    • Genesis 8 Female Wearables
      • Moon Lantern L/R
      • Sun Lantern L/R
      • Lantern with Cage L/R
      • Lantern with Energy L/R
      • Lantern with Glass L/R
    • Genesis 8 Male Wearables
      • Moon Lantern L/R
      • Sun Lantern L/R
      • Lantern with Cage L/R
      • Lantern with Energy L/R
      • Lantern with Glass L/R
    • Genesis 9 Wearables
      • Moon Lantern L/R
      • Sun Lantern L/R
      • Lantern with Cage L/R
      • Lantern with Energy L/R
      • Lantern with Glass L/R
  • Zero Props:
    • FairyTales Lantern Base
      • poseable ring
    • FairyTales Lantern Base Snow
    • FairyTales Lantern Cage
      • Bottom Out
      • Shape 2 (similar like the glass "shape")
      • Shape Mid
      • Thin
      • Twist
    • FairyTales Lantern Cage Snow
    • FairyTales Lantern Candle
      • Flame Left
      • Flame Right
      • Flame and Halo Gone
      • Flame Larger
      • Flame Longer
      • Halo Larger
    • FairyTales Lantern Energy
      • Thin Middle
    • FairyTales Lantern Glass
      • Bottom Large
      • Middle Large
      • Shape
      • Top Large
    • FairyTales Lantern Glass Snow
    • FairyTales Lantern MoonBase
      • Hide Plate
      • poseable plate
  • Hierarchical Materials:
    • FairyTales Lantern Apply on Cage, Glass and Energy Lantern)
      • All Ice
      • All Opal
      • All Rose
      • All Turq
    • Sun Lantern Full Materials
      • Sun Gold
      • Sun Gold2
      • Sun OpalBlue
      • Sun PinkBlue
  • Materials:
    • Lantern Base
      • Ice
      • Opal
      • Rose
      • RoseD
      • RoseGold
      • Turq
    • Lantern Displacement Presets
      • Bottom Pattern Remove
      • Bottom Pattern Bumps
      • Bottom Patters Hives
      • Bottom Pattern Holes
      • Bottom Pattern Lines
      • Bottom Pattern Lines and Holes
      • Bottom Pattern Stairs
    • Cage
      • Gold
      • GoldD
      • Ice
      • Rose
      • Silver
    • Candle
      • Blue
      • Green
      • Ice
      • Pink
      • White
    • Energy
      • Opal
      • Green
      • Warm
      • Cold
    • Glass
      • Glass 01
      • 01 Clear
      • 01 Light L
      • 01 Light M
      • Opaque Warm
      • Opal
      • Opal Light
      • Opal Night
      • Rose
      • Rose Light
    • Moon Lantern
      • Blue
      • Crystal
      • Crystal Green
      • Opal
      • Opal Rose
      • Opal Gold
    • Sun (Crystal)
      • Opal Blue
      • Pink Blue
    • SunLight (Emission)
      • SunLight ON Blue
      • SunLight ON Red
      • SunLight ON YellowR
  • Utility Presets
    • Candle Presets
      • Candle Flame and Halo for the Night Environment
      • Candle Flame and Halo OFF
      • Candle Flame and Halo On Lighter
      • Candle Flame and Halo On Light
      • Candle Flame and Halo On Medium
      • Candle Flame and Halo On Strong
      • Candle Flame Emission Light
      • Candle Flame Emission Medium
      • Candle Flame Emission Strong
      • Candle Flame Emission Stonger
      • Candle Flame Emission Stronger More
      • Candle Flame Emission Strongest
      • Candle Halo for Spectral Light
      • Candle Halo for Spectral Strong
      • Candle Halo for Spectral Stronger
      • Candle Halo for Spectral Strongest
      • Candle Halo Light
      • Candle Halo Medium
      • Candle Halo Strong
      • Candle Halo Cold
      • Candle Halo Warm
    • SunLight
      • SunLight HIDE (NOT material, actual hide)
      • SunLight OFF (material)
      • SunLight ON (material)
      • SunLight Strength
        • Extra Low
        • Low
        • MediumL
        • MediumM
        • Strong
        • Strongest
    • Spectral Rendering ON/OFF
    • Night Environment Render Setting (Bloom ON, HeadLamp OFF)
  • Poses for Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 9
    • Lanterns Left/Right Arm Pose
    • Lanterns Left/Right Arm Pose 2
    • Sun Lantern Left/Right Arm Pose
    • Lanterns Left/Right Hand Pose
    • Lanterns Left/Right Hand Pose Up1
    • Lanterns Left/Right Hand Pose Up2
    • Sun Lantern Left/Right Hand Pose
    • Moon Lantern Left/Right Hand Pose (G8M needs only separate one)
  • Textures Include:
    • 75 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal, Roughness, and Opacity Maps
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 9, Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 8.1 Female, Genesis 8.1 Male

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.21

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

GHD FairyTales - Lanterns | 3D Models for Daz Studio