GHD TableTop Skating Around

GHD TableTop Skating Around

We brought to you another beautiful Winter Decoration Set for your home! You can decorate your table, your nightstand, or it can be a playground for your children, or it is a winter scene for your imaginary friends.

This set can be a small place or even a Snow Globe! And top of it, it completes with massive (or lightweight) snowfall. You can set everything. The size, the shape and the intensity of the snowfall. The snowfall has 3 snow types. There you can control the snowflakes shapes and size. The SnowFall use instances so it is resource-saver. But don't need to use the glass for it, just let it snow.

The set includes a Snowman (another version of Snaughty) with a warm hat and scarf, with 2 different poses, the base tray with an ice rink and a road. A pine candle (with optional snow on top)with morphing wick and flame, a street lamp (with optional snow on top), snowballs, different sized Christmas ornament balls complete the set. And as a fun bonus, there is a simple pine branch to put to front of the camera for great DOF images, and a simple geoshell railway line for a toy train (if you have the GHD TableTop Decoration, a pre-set included with that train toy). The Snowman has different textures, as does the base tray and the snowballs (ornament balls).

For a quick and easy start, you'll also find pre-made sets. Note, the set doesn't load as a table decoration size, but rather in a playground size, but it is in a group, so you can scale it the way you want.

Sample Animation using rotate Decor 2 dial in Base Tray (rotate Skating Snaughty) and rotate the snowfall parts separately.

What's Included and Features

  • GHD TableTop Skating Around: (.DUF)
    • 05 Pre-arranged TableTop SA SnowGlobe Sets
    • 01 Base for Glass (create dent and scale inside decoration prevent deformations)
    • 01 Base no Glass (remove dent and resizing)
    • 01 Lamp place on Base
    • 01 Snaughty Skating
    • 01 Snaughty Skating Around
    • 01 Snaughty Stand at Lamp
    • 01 Train for Snow (requires GHD TableTop Decoration)
    • 01 Train (requires GHD TableTop Decoration)
  • Props:
    • GHD TableTop SA Balls Large
    • GHD TableTop SA Balls Small
    • GHD TableTop SA Base Tray
    • GHD TableTop SA Candle Tree
    • GHD TableTop SA CandleWick
    • GHD TableTop SA Glass with Snow
    • GHD TableTop SA Glass
    • GHD TableTop SA Lamp with Snow Set
    • GHD TableTop SA Lamp
    • GHD TableTop SA Lamp with Snow
    • GHD TableTop SA Pine Branch Decor
    • GHD TableTop SA Pine Tree
    • GHD TableTop SA Pine Tree with Snow
    • GHD TableTop SA Snaughty
    • GHD TableTop SA SnaughtySk
    • GHD TableTop SA SnaughtySk (smart parent to Decor 2 for rotating)
    • GHD TableTop SA Snow Ball
    • GHD TableTop SA Snow Fall Full
    • GHD TableTop SA Snow Fall Full Small
    • GHD TableTop SA Snow Fall Rare/Sm/Med/L
    • GHD TableTop SA SnowFall Rain
    • GHD TableTop SA SnowFall Rain 2
    • GHD TableTop SA Bonus Track for Snow
    • GHD TableTop SA Bonus Track
    • GHD TableTop SA Bonus Track with the GHD TableTop Decoration Train (train not included) set for snow
    • GHD TableTop SA Bonus Track with GHD TableTop Decoration Train (train not included) set
  • Poses:
    • 01 TableTop Base For Glass
    • 01 TableTop Base No Glass
    • 01 Lamp on Base Pose
    • 03 Snaughty Poses
  • Materials:
    • 05 Full Hierarchical Material Presets for the Prearranged Sets
    • 04 Decoration Balls Presets
    • 08 Base Tray Presets
    • 06 Presets for the Tray Frame
    • 04 Presets for the Ice
    • 03 Snowy Presets for the Railroad
    • 02 SnowGlobe Glass options
    • 03 Snow Options for the SnowGlobe
    • 06 Lamp persets
    • 02 LampBulb On/Off
    • 03 LampGlass On/Off
    • 08 Snaughty Snowman Presets
    • 01 Hide Blades
    • 04 SnowBall Presets
    • 05 Tree Candle Options
    • 01 WickFlame On/Off
    • 03 Wick Properties Presets
  • Textures Include:
    • 113 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal, Roughness, Emission and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.16

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install