Gingerbread Man Chocolate Bar Bundle

Gingerbread Man Chocolate Bar Bundle

It comes with :
Chocolate Bar (by Omni-Moulage)
2 Poses for G8F eating chocolate (by Guy91600)
Chocolate Bar Mold
Saucepan for Chocolate Bar (by Omni-Moulage)
Melted chocolate for left-hander (by Omni-Moulage)
Melted chocolate for right-hander (by Omni-Moulage)
3 Poses for G8F left-hander (by Guy91600)
3 Poses for G8F right-hander (by Guy91600)
Tutorial to use the poses

Programs Required: Daz Studio 4.20 or over
Models Required:
Genesis 8 Female
Chocolate Bar Mold optional
Gingerbread Man Chocolate Bar optional
Morphable Table by Dorothee237 optional

To install:
Simply unzip into your "My Library" folder.

Contents can be found
My Library - props - Omni-Moulage - Chocolate_Bar

All character, outfits and props are not included in this pack.

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