The Green Goblin-Ess: HD Emerald Enigma for G8F

The Green Goblin-Ess: HD Emerald Enigma for G8F

The Green Goblin-Ess: HD Emerald Enigma for G8F

Step into a world where fantasy and reality blur, with The Green Goblin-Ess: HD Emerald Enigma for G8F. This high-definition character preset for Genesis 8 Female brings to life an original and standalone interpretation of the iconic Green Goblin, reimagined as a powerful and enigmatic female force.

What's Included and Features:

Goblin Character Preset for G8F: A high-definition character preset that transforms your Genesis 8 Female into the Green Goblin-Ess.
Two Eye Options: One in MJ green style and one in a green emissive rage style.
HD Maps: High-resolution textures up to 4k for stunning detail.
Anim-8 ME Pumpkin Prop: A custom pumpkin prop with a morph slider to enable or disable flame effects.
Mary Jane's Mirror Prop: A full-size mirror prop for reflective storytelling.
Fiber Brows and Lashes: Wearable props for added realism.
Bloody Face Material Preset: A material preset for creating dramatic, battle-worn looks.
Promo Poses: Seven total poses, including "Pumpkin Grasp" for left and right hands, a full-body wearable preset pose for throwing the pumpkin, a pose for holding the pumpkin, one for riding a motorcycle, one where Goblin-Ess is holding a limp body overhead, and one of the limp body.
Installation and Usage:

Character Preset Path: People\Genesis 8 Female\Characters\CBG3D\Mary_Jane_Green_Goblin-ess
Preset Name: Green_Goblin-ess
Props and Prop Poses Path: People\Genesis 8 Female\Characters\CBG3D\Mary_Jane_Green_Goblin-ess\Props
Fiber Hair Path: People\Genesis 8 Female\Characters\CBG3D\Mary_Jane_Green_Goblin-ess\Fiber_Hair
Additional Promo Poses Path: People\Genesis 8 Female\Poses\CBG3D@Promos\Mary_Jane\Goblin-ess
Note: This character is a standalone product and does not require the Genesis 8 Female to be loaded in the scene prior to use. Simply double-click the provided preset.

Bundle Offer:
Look for the bundled item that includes both The Green Goblin-Ess and Mary Jane Watson on the CBG3D digital shelf here on RenderHub for a complete narrative experience.

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342.8 MB

Character Preset Path:
People\Genesis 8 Female\Characters\CBG3D\Mary_Jane_Green_Goblin-ess
Props Path:
People\Genesis 8 Female\Characters\CBG3D\Mary_Jane_Green_Goblin-ess\Props
Poses Path:
People\Genesis 8 Female\Poses\CBG3D@Promos\Mary_Jane\Goblin-ess

FILE Contents:
Props (.DUF)

Wearables (.DUF)

Poses (.DUF)

Materials Iray (.DUF)

51 Texturemaps (.png, .jpg) for
Base Color, Bump, Displacement, Emissive, Height, Glossiness, Normal, Reflection, Roughness, Specular, Transparency
(1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)

Imagination-Grabbing Mini Story:
In the shadows of the city, a new legend is born. The Green Goblin-Ess emerges, a mysterious force of nature, her emerald eyes reflecting the turmoil of a city caught in the web of her enigmatic presence. She is both a harbinger of chaos and a symbol of untamed power, her story intertwined with the fabric of the urban jungle. As she rides through the night, the roar of her motorcycle echoes the whispers of her name, sending shivers down the spines of those who dare cross her path. Will she be the city's downfall or its unexpected savior? The answer lies in the hands of those bold enough to embrace her tale.

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