Prae-Cion Hair For La Femme Poser

Prae-Cion Hair For La Femme Poser

Cion is a long, wavy hair style. It comes with 24 natural and fun hair colours for Superfly and Firefly. There are fits for L'Homme, Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Michael 4, Hiro 4, Dawn and Dusk. It comes with many movement and style morphs as well as adjustment morphs to help it fit many other characters. This is a Poser product and not designed for Daz Studio.

Victoria 4
Aiko 4
Michael 4
Hiro 4

Hair Movement


Back Back
Back Base Back
Back Base Forward
Back Base Left
Back Base Right
Back Left
Back Right


Left Base Back
Left Base Forward
Left Base Left
Left Base Right
Left Front Back
Left Front Forward
Left Front Left
Left Front Out
Left Front Right


Right Base Back
Right Base Forward
Right Base Left
Right Base Right
Right Front Back
Right Front Forward
Right Front Left
Right Front Out
Right Front Right

Hair Style

Back Short
Back Thin
Back Wide
Back Long
Hair Big
Hair Flare
Hair Hang Down
Hair Long
Hair Short
Left Front Short
Left Front Thin
Left Front Long
Left Front Big
Right Front Short
Right Front Thin
Right Front Long
Right Front Big


Twist Back Left
Twist Back Right
Twist Left
Twist Right

Windy Morphs

Windy Back
Windy Back 2
Windy Front
Windy Left
Windy Right

Adjustment Morphs

Adjust Back Head
Adjust Back
Adjust Breasts
Adjust Front Head
Adjust Front Left
Adjust Front Right
Adjust Front
Adjust Hair
Adjust Head
Adjust Left Side
Adjust Right Side
Adjust Top

23 Hair Colours

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Michael 4, Dawn - Dawn S.E., Dusk - Dusk S.E., La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11, L'Homme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Hair for Poser and Daz Studio