Prae-Keon Hair For Daz

Prae-Keon Hair For Daz

Keon Hair for Genesis 3 male and female comes with 18 natural and fun hair colours, for both Iray and 3Delight.
The hair has custom fits for many Genesis 3 characters and can also be made to fit more characters with the use of Auto fit and the supplied Adjustment morphs. There are also style and movement morphs to help create the look you want.
There is also a prop hair for Victoria 4 with fits for Aiko 4, Michael 4, Hiro 4, Genesis 1, Genesis 2 male and female, Victoria 6, Michael 6, Genesis 3 male and female and Victoria 7 and Michael 7.

Fits The Girl 7, Izabella 7, Victoria 7, Bethany 7, Eva 7, Mei Lin, Michael 7 Fit, The Guy 7

Prop Fits

Victoria 4 default
Genesis 3 Male Fit
Genesis 3 Female Fit
Genesis 2 Male Fit
Genesis 2 Female Fit
Michael 4 Fit
Michael 6 Fit
Michael 7 Fit
Hiro 4 Fit
Victoria 6 Fit
Victoria7 Fit
Aiko 4 Fit

Windy Morphs

Windy Left
Windy Right
Windy Back
Windy Front

Style Morphs

Back Long
Back Narrow
Back Short
Back Spread
Back Tied
Bangs Long
Bangs Short
Hair Big
Hair Long
Hair Short
Hair Tied
Hair Tight
Hair Wide
Left Front Wisps Gone
Left Side Long
Left Side Short
Right Front Wisps Gone
Right Side Long
Right Side Short
Sides Long
Sides Tied
Top Big
Wisps Down

Movement Morphs

Back In
Back Out
Back Swing Left
Back Swing Right
Bangs Out
Bangs Swing Left
Bangs Swing Right
L Front Swing Forward
L Front Swing Out
L Side Swing Back
L Side Swing Forward
L Side Swing In
L Side Swing Out
R Front Swing Forward
R Front Swing Out
R Side Swing Back
R Side Swing Forward
R Side Swing In
R Side Swing Out
Twist Hair Left
Twist Hair Right

Adjustment Morphs

Adjust Back
Adjust Front
Adjust Left Side
Adjust Right Side
Adjust Top
Adjust Hair
Adjust Left Front
Adjust Right Front
Adjust Collar Up
Adjust Collar Back
Adjust Breasts

Hair Colours

Dark Green
Dark Pink
Dark Purple

Software: Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male

Compatible figures: 
Hair for Poser and Daz Studio