Have A Seat

Have A Seat

Have A Seat is a DAZ Studio Script, that comes with a set of props too, that will allow you to place benches and build bleachers. The product is designed to work with any prop in your library and with the HAS Designer Tool you can create design sets to use for populating the scene. Is it a group seated around a campfire, audience for an outdoor concert or a medieval execution, or supporters cheering for their favourite sports team, Have A Seat can fix the seats.

There are three main types of benches.

- Plain single prop benches, your runtime is full with them, put them to use, a few different benches are included.

- Bench constructs made from two trestles and a scaffold. One set of two different trestles and two different scaffolds are included.

- Bleachers, both wooden and metal, all prop parts are included.

Three manuals included, in PDF format, and they will give you several hints on what you can do and how easy it is to do it.

The bleachers have a slider to set how much instancing to use for the benches, which makes it easy to populate a scene with people by parenting the people to the instance parent bench.

The scripts are very easy to use and the HAS Designer Tool works like a wizard, guiding the user through the steps of adding benches to a design.

When it comes to making your own prop based bleachers, there is a manual that shows you all special tricks you need, this is mostly for power users or PAs who make their own props.

Designer are included for the following sets in the DAZ Store:

- Improvised Benches Construction Kit

- Medieval Tavern

- The Chair Collection

- A Curious Tea Iray

The settings will only be available to the user if the set is installed on the machine, to prevent confusion.

What's Included and Features

  • Have A Seat (.DUF)
  • Props:
    • Bench 01.duf
    • Bench 02.duf
    • BleacherBench.duf
    • BleacherBoard.duf
    • BleacherFence.duf
    • BleacherPosts.duf
    • BleacherStackwood.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Bench.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Board.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Fence.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Posts.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Stacker.duf
    • Modern Groundpiece.duf
    • PostDirt.duf
    • Scaffold 01.duf
    • Scaffold 02.duf
    • Trestle 01.duf
    • Trestle 02.duf
  • >Materials:
    • Bench 01 Mat 01-05.duf
    • Bench 02 Mat 01-05.duf
    • Benchkit 01 Light 01-03.duf
    • Benchkit 01 Worn 01-03.duf
    • BleacherBench Bleached 01-03.duf
    • BleacherBench Worn 01-03.duf
    • BleacherFence Bleached 01-03.duf
    • BleacherFence Worn 01-03.duf
    • Bleacherboard Bleached 01-03.duf
    • Bleacherboard Worn 01-03.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Bench Bleached 01-03.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Bench New 01-03.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Board 01-03.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Fence 01-03.duf
    • Modern Bleacher Raisers 01-03.duf
    • Modern Groundpiece 01-03.duf
    • PostDirt 01-03.duf
    • Raiser Bleached 01-03.duf
    • Raiser Worn 01-03.duf
  • Scripts (.dse)
    • !Quick Guide HAS Designer Tool.dse
    • Designer Tool.dse
    • Have A Seat.dse
  • Manuals (.pdf)
    • Your_First_Set.pdf
    • HASManual.pdf
    • HASDesignerToolManual.pdf
  • Textures Include:
    • 231 Texture maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install