HF Shagg for Genesis 9

HF Shagg for Genesis 9

HF Shagg is a new alien character for Genesis 9, whose inspiration comes from a short-lived superhero team from the seventies called the Misfits.

His body and head morphs are independent of other morphing packages and can be used without additional products. He also has additional morphs for the fingernails, the toenails, and the cranium. It also comes with a proportion slider that can be customized to create the alien everybody likes.

His materials include 5 skin fingernails and toenails variants (base/blue, yellow, green, red, and purple), 8 eye colors, 8 eyebrows materials (4 for card and 4 for fiber), along with 4 eyelashes MATs.

Short fiber hair along with 4 color variants (black, blue, green, purple complete the character.


HF Shagg for Genesis 9:


HF Shagg (.DUF)
HF Shagg Full (.DUF)
HF71 Renderosity Page (DSA)

Shaping Presets:
HF Shagg Head Morph INJ/REM
HF Shagg Body Morph INJ/REM
HF Shagg Ears Morph INJ/REM
HF Shagg Fingernails Morph INJ/REM
HF Shagg Toenails Morph INJ/REM
HF Shagg Cranium Morph INJ/REM (under Mouth)
HF Shagg Proportions INJ/REM (under Mouth)

Material Presets:
Full MAT
Base MAT
5 Skin MATs (Base/Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple)
8 Eye HMATs (Base/Blue, Gray, Green, Purple, Base/Blue Dark, Gray Dark, Green Dark, Purple Dark)
5 Fingernails MATs (Base/Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple)
5 Toenails MATs (Base/Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple)

4 Eyelashes HMATs (Black, Blue Green, Purple)
4 Eyebrows Card HMATs (Black, Blue Green, Purple)
4 Eyebrows Fiber HMATs (Black, Blue Green, Purple)
Hair Wereable Preset
4 Hair Color Variants (Black, Blue Green, Purple)

Textures Include:
59 Textures: Base Color, Bump, Roughness, Normal, Opacity, Emission, Metallicity, Specular, Makeup Maps, Ambient Occlusion (4096x4096 px)

Compatible figures: Genesis 9

Software: Daz Studio 4, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Daz Studio and Poser