Exnem Glass Ensemble - Props and Materials

Exnem Glass Ensemble - Props and Materials


This product brings you a collection of Glass props for Poser 9 and above and any program that can read OBJ files.

Included are a wide range of props, from typical everyday Drinking glasses, to cups and bottles and chemistry flasks and vials for potions, dessert cups, etc. Also included are dozens of materials for different kinds of glass and liquids, all using physically correct refractions and reflections for the best and most realistic looking glass achievable in poser.

Provided is also a "Reflection Sphere" to aid you in the reflect/refract area. Glass is never going to look like glass unless it has something to refract and reflect, thus this sphere can make the difference between dull, plastic looking crystal and beautiful realistic looking glass.

There is a wide range of materials for glass which range from crystal clear to frosted or smoked and colored glass, so depending on the complexity of the material, render times may vary.

In order for the glass materials to look right you must have raytracing enabled with AT LEAST 4 bounces, so make sure your render setup is correct or you will get black looking glass instead of crystal clear.


Feel free to include any mesh or material from this product in your own products, the only requirement is that you include a credit AND a link back to either my store or this product. You cannot however simply repack my meshes and sell them as your own, but if you are selling say a "Witches scene" or "Chemistry Lab" feel free to include any of my meshes or materials, as long as you follow the above mentioned rules... credit and link.

Included in this product are:

77 different props;
1 Empty Beer Mug
1 Filled Beer Mug with foam and bubbles
9 Bottles (Empty)
9 Bottles (Filled)
4 Wine Bottle variations
6 Cups (Empty)
6 Cups (Filled, including a martini with olives)
2 Dessert Cups (Empty)
7 Flasks/vials (Empty)
7 Flasks/vials (Filled)
8 Drinking Glasses (Empty)
8 Drinking Glasses (Filled)
1 Crystal Bowl (Empty)
3 Crystal corks
1 Wine Cork
1 Olives in toothpick
1 Bottle Cap
1 Reflection Sphere (huge, covers all the scene)

13 Glass Materials (MC6 can only be applied to mesh with "glass" material name)
13 Glass Materials (MT5 single, can be applied to any mesh)
22 Liquid Materials (MC6 can only be applied to mesh with "liquid" material name)
22 Liquid Materials (MT5 single, can be applied to any mesh)


System Requirements:

Poser 9 or above (NOT DAZ TESTED)
Any other 3D application that supports OBJ files


Ownership Statement:

All of this product's content was created by Exnem


Installation Instructions:

Extract the zip-archive with your unzip program:
- Open your unzip program and press the button -Extract To-
- Select the disk and folder that contain your Poser program.
(ex. c:\program files\Poser5\ ).
- Make sure that an option to extract full paths is selected to make sure you keep the right folder structures within your poser folder.


Usage Tips or Limitations:

Go to "Props/Exnem/Glass Ensemble" folder and select your desired model from one of the folders.

Click on the Checkmark to add it to the world. As these are props they will render black or with strange artifacts if you don't have a figure loaded also. If this is the case for you simply load any figure (even a flat plane for the floor will work).

Choose your Glass and Liquid materials from the Material room inside "Exnem/Glass Ensemble"

If you want to use it as a prop for your character make sure to parent it to a bone on your character (hand for example).

Make sure you have raytracing enabled and raytrace bounces set to 4 or more.

Have at least a couple of lights for specular highlights.

If you have any questions regarding this product feel free to contact me at renderosity.com

Product requirements

Poser 9 or above, any program that reads OBJs
Household for Poser