Feral Fey Wings

Feral Fey Wings

Everyone needs a set a fairy wings, right? How about cool wings that look good, and perform beautifuly? The Feral Fey Wings are a pair of stylized wings that pack a lot of versatility. The wings are triax rigged so the different wing sections can be moved separately. The movement morphs give added flexibility and the adjustment morphs provide solutions to fit many different situations, including accommodating clothing!

The Feral Fey Wings come with fourteen diffuse color choices. Each color comes with six different options - Deco Embossed (displacement map), Nouveau Embossed (displacement map), Etched (transparency map), Sparkly (ambient map), Swirly (ambient map) and Watercolor (diffuse only map).

As an added bonus, included are three wearable presets for the wings to transform them from aerial devices to chic and imposing clothing ornamentation for those moments when your characters need that extra bit of pizazz.

Pick up the Faery Fae Poses for Genesis 2 Females - they come with accompanying wing poses for the Feral Fey Wings and they will make your renders truly magical.

The Feral Fey Wings are DAZ Studio only.

  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

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Compatible 3D Figures
Genesis 2 Female
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6
What's Included & Features
  • Feral Fey Wings: (.DUF)
    • Feral Fey Wings
    • Wings as Ornament Wearable Presets:
      • 01 Regal Ornament 1
      • 02 Regal Ornament 2
      • 03 Regal Ornament 3
    • Morphs:
      • Adjust for Clothing
      • Left A WIng Back
      • Left A Wing Down
      • Left A Wing Forward
      • Left A Wing Furl
      • Left A Wing Lift
      • Left A Wing Twist
      • Left Anchor Extend
      • Left B Wing Back
      • Left B Wing Down
      • Left B Wing Forward
      • Left B Wing Furl
      • Left B Wing Lift
      • Left C Wing Furl
      • Left D Wing Furl
      • Left E Wing Back
      • Left E Wing Down
      • Left E Wing Forward
      • Left E Wing Furl
      • Left E Wing Lift
      • Right A Wing Back
      • Right A Wing Down
      • Right A Wing Forward
      • Right A Wing Furl
      • Right A Wing Lift
      • Right A Wing Twist
      • Right Anchor Extend
      • Right B Wing Back
      • Right B Wing Down
      • Right B Wing Forward
      • Right B Wing Furl
      • Right B Wing Lift
      • Right C Wing Furl
      • Right D Wing Furl
      • Right E Wing Back
      • Right E Wing Down
      • Right E Wing Forward
      • Right E Wing Furl
      • Right E Wing Lift
    • Materials:
      • 85 Feral Fey Wing Materials
  • Textures Include:
    • 15 Texture Maps (4000 x 4000)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)
Compatible figures: 
Human Anatomy for Daz Studio