Amazing Skins For Genesis 2 Bundle

Amazing Skins For Genesis 2 Bundle

Amazing Skins is a new material for Genesis 2 figures, based on new skin shaders allowing to adjust twice the Hue, Saturation, and Value of the color of all material your figure, and much more! From black and white to strongly saturated colors, from realistic skin tones variations to totally crazy fantasy materials, adjust perfectly your characters color properties for great renders!

You can use Amazing Skins on any Genesis 2 character by using the main material swapper, or you can prefer loading one of the many full material presets already included for the main Genesis 2 Males and Females. In both cases, it will keep all the initial texture maps of the initial skin, mouth and eyes surfaces, but will include for all of them new characteristics as well as exclusive color tools. Once your figure is using amazing skins you will be able to tune with the simple dials included in the materials the Hue, the Saturation and the Value (intensity) of the colors of the diffuse maps first. You can also do the same one a second level, once the main SSS, deep SSS and Specular highlights have been processed and added, just before the color is sent out by the render.

Being very intuitive, it also includes an incredible amount of sub-presets to customize your skins in a few double clicks : Colors options for Diffuse Hue change, for Main and Deep SSS, scatter strengths, sheen sizes, highlight sizes and shapes, strengths of main and deep SSS and specular total contribution to the final result, and many other tools.

It also includes full material presets of skin tint variations, from cold to warm, from neutral to tanned, for the main Genesis 2 figures, as well as some Fantasy skin samples.

In a hurry? You will also find 16 ready to render scenes with male or female Genesis 2 main figures already posed and dressed, as well as everything you need to build your scenes : a floor and background prop, a basic underwear to cover "what needs to be covered", 7 high quality lights sets of various types, and base poses.

Do you feel like being surprised? Then use the skin randomizer for Amazing Skins, and you will reach a totally incredible skins!

The materials (skin and eye parts) is also included in their shader versions in order to be applied on any surface, and not only skins. For instance the outfit and background included in the product rely on an Amazing Skins material too.

The development of amazing skins was focused on reaching the best compromise between the professional methods and the render time. Thanks to the new exclusive color tools included, you will discover a new pleasure to render.


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Compatible 3D Figures
Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 2 Male
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6
What's Included & Features
  • This Bundle includes:
    • Amazing Skins For Genesis 2 Female(s)
    • Amazing Skins For Genesis 2 Male(s)
Compatible figures: 
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