Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs

Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs

Do you remember the first stick-man you drew as a child?

Thank goodness you are not a kid anymore. It’s time you realized your creative potential. Whether you want your Genesis character fit, emaciated, voluptuous or anywhere in between, this Genesis body morph pack includes 92 morphs which allow you to customize your character to your own discriminating tastes.

Dial up full body morphs in any combination or control upper and lower body parts individually to exert total control over the size and shape of your character. The creative possibilities are virtually endless as you experiment with ultimate control over the shape of your character through the use of this body morph pack exclusively for Genesis.

You no longer need to buy morph packs for male and female shapes, this single morph pack will work across all your Genesis shapes.

  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
  • This product contains no user facing files.
  • This product works automatically with Genesis in Poser using the DSON Importer for Poser
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DSON Importer for Poser, DAZ Studio 4.6, DAZ Studio
What's Included & Features
  • 92 Evolution Body Morphs for Genesis:
    • 6 Full Body Morphs:
      • Body Builder Details
      • Body Tone
      • Emaciated
      • Fitness
      • Fitness Details
      • Voluptuous
    • 86 Partial Body Morphs:
      • Adams Apple
      • Areolae Depth
      • Areolae Diameter
      • Areolae Perk
      • Arms Length
      • Breasts Flatten
      • Breasts Flatten Left
      • Breasts Flatten Right
      • Breasts Hang Forward
      • Breasts Hang Forward Left
      • Breasts Hang Forward Right
      • Breasts In-Out
      • Breasts Side-Side
      • Breasts Side-Side Left
      • Breasts Side-Side Right
      • Breasts Up-Down
      • Breasts Up-Down Left
      • Breasts Up-Down Right
      • Breasts Cleavage
      • Breasts Flatten
      • Breasts Hang Forward
      • Breasts Heavy
      • Breasts Implants
      • Breasts Natural
      • Breasts Size
      • Breasts Small
      • Calves Flex
      • Chest Depth
      • Chest Width
      • Collarbone Detail
      • Costal Angle Arched
      • Costal Angle Pointed
      • Feet Arch
      • Feet Shoe Fit
      • Fingers Length Left
      • Fingers Length Right
      • Fingers Width Left
      • Fingers Width Right
      • Foot Length Left
      • Foot Length Right
      • Glute Crease Left
      • Glute Crease Right
      • Glutes Lower Depth
      • Glutes Upper Depth
      • Glutes Width
      • Hip Bone Crest
      • Iliac Line
      • Legs Length
      • Linea Alba Depth
      • Love Handles
      • Nails Length
      • Navel Depth
      • Navel Hollow
      • Navel Horizontal
      • Navel Out
      • Navel Size
      • Navel Vertical
      • Neck Length
      • Nipples
      • Nipples Depth
      • Nipples Diameter
      • Nipples Volume
      • Palm Scale Left
      • Palm Scale Right
      • Pectorals Developed
      • Pectorals Volume
      • Pregnant
      • Rectus Outer Detail
      • Sacral Dimples
      • Scapula Depth
      • Scapula Volume
      • Shoulders Scale
      • Shoulders Width
      • Sternum Depth
      • Stomach Depth
      • Stomach Lower Depth
      • Thighs Tone
      • Toes Fan Down Left
      • Toes Fan Down Right
      • Toes Small Curl Left
      • Toes Small Curl Right
      • Toes Spread Left
      • Toes Spread Right
      • Torso Length
      • Wrist Thickness
Compatible figures: 
Humanoid Morphs for Daz Studio and Poser