Genesis Evolution: Head Morphs

Genesis Evolution: Head Morphs

What defines a face?

The distinct and subtle nuances in the sizes and shapes of a creature's eyes, ears, nose, chin, cheeks, eyebrows, lips, and teeth make each living being unique, and visually captivating.

Customize the faces of your characters with 123 separate face and head morphs. Do you want a head that is soft and beautiful or angular and homely? Small and round, or big and blocky?

It is your choice.

But be warned, these morphs may make you feel omnipotent, so don’t let the power go to your head. Previous generations of morph packs may have included lots of separate morphs. But now you have no need for separate male, female, and kid morph packs. This set of morphs works with all your Genesis shapes.

Soft and beautiful or angular and homely? You decide.

You're in control with Genesis Evolution.

Note: your results may vary depending on how extreme the shape is, you can still morph any shape, mix and match and have more power to create than ever before.

  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
  • This product contains no user facing files.
  • This product works automatically with Genesis in Poser using the DSON Importer for Poser
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DSON Importer for Poser, DAZ Studio 4.6, DAZ Studio
What's Included & Features
  • 123 Evolution Head Morphs for Genesis:
    • Brow Define
    • Brow Depth
    • Brow Width
    • Cheek Bones Size
    • Cheek Bones Width
    • Cheeks Define
    • Cheeks Depth
    • Cheeks Dimple Crease L/R
    • Cheeks Sink
    • Chin Cleft
    • Chin Crease
    • Chin Depth
    • Chin Width
    • Cranium Slope
    • Crows Feet
    • Earlobes Attached
    • Earlobes Length
    • Earlobes Size
    • Ears Depth
    • Ears Elf
    • Ears Elf Long
    • Ear Size
    • Eye Cornea Bulge
    • Eye Iris Correction
    • Eye Iris Size
    • Eyelashes Curl
    • Eyelashes Hide Layer
    • Eyelashes Length
    • Eyelashes Top Point
    • Eyelids Bottom Define
    • Eyelids Bottom In Height
    • Eyelids Bottom Out Height
    • Eyelids Fold Down
    • Eyelids Heavy
    • Eyelids Lower Height
    • Eyelids Smooth
    • Eyelids Top In Height
    • Eyelids Top Out Height
    • Eyelids Upper Height
    • Eyes Almond Inner
    • Eyes Almond Outer
    • Eyes Angle
    • Eyes Depth
    • Eyes Height Inner
    • Eyes Height Outer
    • Eyes Puffy Lower
    • Eyes Puffy Upper
    • Eyes Size
    • Eyes Wrinkle
    • Face Center Depth
    • Face Flat
    • Face Heart
    • Face Round
    • Face Square
    • Face Young
    • Forehead Define
    • Forehead Flat
    • Forehead Round
    • Forehead Wrinkle L/R
    • Jaw Angle
    • Jaw Corner Width
    • Jaw Curve
    • Jaw Define
    • Jaw Height
    • Jaw Line Depth
    • Jaw Size
    • Lacrimals Pinch
    • Lacrimals Size
    • Lip Lower Depth
    • Lip Lower Size
    • Lip Lower Width
    • Lips Define Edge
    • Lips Heart
    • Lips Square
    • Lips Thin
    • Lip Top Peak
    • Lip Upper Curves
    • Lip Upper Depth
    • Lip Upper Size
    • Mouth Curves
    • Mouth Depth
    • Mouth Size
    • Nose Bridge Depth
    • Nose Bridge Height
    • Nose Bridge Slope
    • Nose Bridge Width
    • Nose Bump
    • Nose Depth
    • Nose Flesh Full
    • Nose Pinch
    • Nose Ridge
    • Nose Ridge Width
    • Nose Round
    • Nose Septum Depth
    • Nose Septum Height
    • Nose Septum Width
    • Nose Side-Side
    • Nose Size
    • Nose Tip Depth
    • Nose Tip Height
    • Nose Tip Width
    • Nose Twist
    • Nostrils Depth
    • Nostrils FleshSize
    • Nostrils Height
    • Nostrils Width
    • Philtrum Angle
    • Philtrum Depth
    • Philtrum Width
    • Pupil Dialate
    • Pupil Slit
    • Teeth Bottom Size
    • Teeth Canine Sharp Bottom
    • Teeth Canine Sharp Top
    • Teeth Gap
    • Teeth Irregular
    • Teeth Top Size
    • Tongue Curl
    • Tongue In-Out
    • Tongue Side-Side
    • Tongue Up-Down
Compatible figures: 
Humanoid Morphs for Daz Studio and Poser