Introduction to Substance Painter

Introduction to Substance Painter

Introduction to Substance Painter

In this Introduction to Substance Painter series, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to get started with Substance Painter. The first part will get your familiar with the commonly used tools, and in the second part, we’ll texture a real-world asset. We also cover essential texture practices, helping you develop a proper workflow you can use to texture anything.


Your instructors have worked as Senior Texture Artists in the film industry, having painted textures on Batman V Superman, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Venom - and much more! The experiences from painting professional assets are shown throughout this series. Instead of purely talking about technical features, you’ll learn far more about the texture painting workflow.


In the second part, we cover how to paint awesome hard surface textures in Substance Painter, using proven techniques. We carefully build up the different materials step by step, showing everything involved. You’ll also learn what areas to prioritize, showing you what areas are worth spending more time on.


We’ll be texturing using PBR shaders in Substance Painter, using the metallic/roughness approach. This is an industry standard way of painting, which makes texture painting a lot easier to do - and to understand. PBR is used extensively in film, games and commercials and has taken the industry by storm over the last years.


Introduction to Substance Painter is perfect for artists who are brand new to Painter and to texturing. It’s also highly relevant for more advanced artists as well who wants to learn Substance Painter and wants to brush up on their texturing skills. We cover techniques which will help everyone from beginner to advanced 3D artists.

This is a personal license as stated on the FlippedNormals licensing page.

What's Included and Features

  • Introduction to Substance Painter
  • Total Running Time:
    • Introduction: 01h 57m 07s
    • Fan: 02h 01m 21s
  • Total Filesize:
    • 1.50 GB
  • Chapter List:
      • 01 - Introduction and UI
      • 02 - Layers
      • 03 - The Shelf
      • 04 - Brush Tool
      • 05 - Projection
      • 06 - Polygon Fill
      • 07 - Clone Tool
      • 08 - Particles
      • 09 - Generators, Filters & Mask Editor
      • 10 - Smart Materials, Smart Masks & Instances
      • 11 - Quick Masking
      • 12 - Working with Opacity
      • 13 - Using Anchors
      • 01 - Preparing our model in Maya
      • 02 - Baking
      • 03 - Painted Metal
      • 04 - Cables
      • 05 - Stealing Materials
      • 06 - Brass
      • 07- Copper
      • 08 - Logo
      • 09 - Updating the Model
      • 10 - Iray
      • 11 - Exporting Maps
  • Software Used:
    • Substance Painter 2018
    • Maya 2018 (You can follow along in any 3D application)
  • Files Included:
    • Final Substance Painter project
    • Low Poly Final Model
    • FlippedNormals HDRI
    • Help Sheet with Project Overview and Hotkeys
  • File Types:
    • FBX
    • HDR
    • MB
    • MP4
    • PDF
    • PNG
    • SPP

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install