Julija For G8.1

Julija For G8.1

Julija for G8.1 Female:
Julija is the Lithuanian variant of the Latin name Julia.
SHe is a character of Baltic origin, as in Finland dark hair is predominant ...
although the belief is the opposite.
He is a beautiful, sexy and strong character .. very suitable for all kinds of renderings and

1 Character preset only for G8.1
1 Head Morph Apply and Remove
1 Body Morph Apply and Remove
1 Eyebrows Fibermesh Apply
1 Nails morph Apply and Remove
Mat shader PBRDaz from the source.
9 colors of Eyes + Default color.
Full body and genitalia character shader PBR
7 makeups +!no makeups some PBR
7 Colors Nails +Default
1 Arm Tattoo Apply and Remove (No LIE)
1 Body Tattoo Apply and Remove (No LIE)
1 complete tattoo's Apply and Remove (No LIE)

Although the morphs are made for G8.1 female it also works in Victoria 8.1
can be combined to give Julija and Victoria 8.1 another look.

Compatible figures: 
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