Lali's Casual Style Bundle 4.0

Lali's Casual Style Bundle 4.0

Lali's Casual Style Bundle 4.0 is a ready-made outfit for girls and women of different ages at any time of the year. Why "4.0"? Because this is the fourth outfit that I created for the Daz 3D website. It comes with a quilted coat, boots, and gloves.You can use this outfit for everyday looks, evening walks, and outdoor parties.

First is a women's quilted coat without a zipper and buttons, made from lightweight nylon.This coat fits girls and women of all ages and any season. You can wear this coat as part of your daily wear or use it for outdoor parties.This coat contains the dForce modifier and easily assumes a natural pose along with your character's pose. But you must make sure that the arms of your character are not bent too much and the arms should not be too tightly pressed to the body of the character. There should always be room for correct tissue simulation.The coat has 2 logo straps at the bottom. The straps always follow the coat, but they do not contain dForce. The straps contain bones for changing their poses. If you do not want to see these straps, you can simply remove them. You can also remove or change a shell with the logos on the coat.

Next are women's ankle boots of a classic style, made of shiny patent leather with a thick rubber sole, a high shaft, and a large fabric bow. These boots are fit for girls and women of all ages. You can wear these boots with any casual outfit, for dance parties, and for travel. The large bow has built-in bones for different poses. If you want, you can remove the bow and use the boots without it.

There's also a realistic-looking, sheer bodystocking with soft gloss, a true microfiber texture, and modeled seams and waistband. It's suitable for most female shapes that work with Genesis 8.1 without the use of specially integrated morphs. I made 12 styles and 15 stocking imitation options. But in fact, the number of styles is limited only by your imagination as you can make any combinations yourself. If needed, you can hide the toes and feet for more shoe compatibility, or hide the legs to make it look like a body.
I have not made presets for changing the color since you can apply any color you want. Just select all of the materials in the "Surfaces" tab and change the color of the "Base Material". You can also change the strength of the gloss. To do this, select the shell with the word "Gloss" in the title inside your bodystocking. Select all materials in the "Surfaces" tab. Change the value of "Cutout Opacity".

As an added bonus for purchasing the bundle, you get gloves made of thin, shiny nylon with lace.

All of the parts of this bundle are made specifically for Genesis 8.1 but contain morphs that have been tested with over 20 different characters compatible with Genesis 8.1 and Genesis 8.

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8.1 Female

Compatible Software:

dForce Cloth, Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Manual Install

Compatible figures: