Laumi for Genesis 9

Laumi for Genesis 9

Full character for Genesis 9 with textures

Package includes:
- Morph files (for head and for body),
- Material files for skin, lips, eyes, mouth, face,
- Shaders for the skin,
- Shape INJ/REM library files,
- Figure/character library file,
- All textures.

You can use this product directly from your content library.

Full character figure file: People/Genesis 9/Characters/AMV_Laumi.duf
Character shape presets (INJ & REM files): People/Genesis 9/Characters/AMV_Laumi/
Materials: People/Genesis 9/Characters/AMV_Laumi/Materials/
Shaders: People/Genesis 9/Characters/AMV_Laumi/Shaders/

Background story:

Laumi is a typical big city girl. It's hard to tell where she's from, but she likes to use her beauty type to play with oriental make-up and ancient cosplays. Kind, a bit withdrawn and determined to pursue her dreams.

Laumi loves dressing up and posing for photos. Who knows? Perhaps, thanks to you, she'll find out what it's like to take on completely new roles?


Q: Can I use this product commercially?
A: Yes. This product can be used for commercial purposes.

Q: Does this product work with your G9 Creation Kit?
A: Yes. This product works with all morphs from our G9 CK.

Q: Does this product contain textures?
A: This product contains all needed textures. All promotional images were made using textures included in package.

Q: Does this product work with base clothes for Genesis 9?
A: Yes. This product works perfectly with all base clothes for Genesis 9 and most clothes for Genesis 8.

Compatible figures: 
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