LBLC_Heartland's Multiverse

LBLC_Heartland's Multiverse

After jumping more than 100 worlds and observing all the different alternate versions when all 3 cubes or even only a single cube came unto any hands other than my own or pilots (my own brother in the blood) every outcome was some scale of destruction from man and war or catastrophic natural disasters some on the scale of mass extinction my heart was heavy with sadness my hope suffocated and a faraway memory so it was a man with nothing left but regret who once more jumped un the portal to one more ruined world . With my eyes closed for I couldn't bare to see any more and not quite sure why i felt u needed to make one more jump having seen enough death already imagine my surprise when I landed in the first world that met me with life. upon stepping into this version if possible realities my ears where filled with not silence or gust of winds whispering the words of the dead , but of a forest abound in nocturnal life busy living and this sound touched my bare feet as if it was the sweetest music ever heard. Without thinking, I inhaled deeply expanding my lungs speaking in and tasting the resinous crisp scents of many living trees the ____ and___ so many and then the slight damp musky undertones of a rich and thriving earth its then that my desolate heart began to beat again at a rapid pace pumping hope back through my mind as I took in the sight surrounding me , the exotic beauty of the plants illuminated under the moons light the light fog that canopied and shrouded the top of the trees the rich dark hues of grass under my feet the scattering of stones so thickly covered a soft fuzzy moss I think if I lay down on them it would not be uncomfortable but like laying on a soft bed of billowy cotton .I wanted to explore those dark snaky trails in front of me but more so I wanted to go home because now there was proof before me that I can still fix and this change my own reality if I hurried. So in a feverish haste I jumped for home the cube cradled loosely in the crook of my arm when I was crashed into mid jump by...

The image renderings are edited in Affinity photo to enhanced the look, composited lightning and electrical discharge.

Product consist of the following:

Billboard cornstalk
Billboard stormy background

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Daz Studio and Poser