LT Evin HD for Genesis 8.1 Male

LT Evin HD for Genesis 8.1 Male


Evin HD is a versatile character for Genesis 8.1 Machos that you can use for both real world and fantasy environments.

Evin is a boy, you can customize him according to your needs or project, he has totally realistic textures created from real human skin and he has different possibilities of changes since you can vary the morphs and adapt him to your project.

Evin HD has realistic eyes that give this product a special and differential character.

Evin is based on the Young Royals series, so this character looks like one of the main characters, although we have varied it so that there are no image conflicts for the actor.

Its height, according to the DAZ Studio scale, is greater than 2 meters and can be regulated using the model's height variation in parameters, as well as modifying the bodybuilding, waist size, etc.

Be sure to have this realistic and versatile model in your library.

Thanks for your interest in our products.

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What's Included and Features this Project:

Morphs: 18 Evin HD Morphs (.DSF).
Built-in Content Skin Morph (.DSF).

Character: (.DUF)

- EvinHD.

Materials: (Only IRAY) (.DUF)

- LT Evin HD Eyelashes Large.
- LT Evin HD Eyelashes Default.
- LT Evin Ryding HD Eyelashes Large.
- LT Evin Ryding HD Eyelashes Medium.
- LT Evin HD All Maps.
- LT Evin HD Genitalia.
- LT Evin HD Real Wrinkled Feet Maps OFF.
- LT Evin HD Real Wrinkled Feet Maps ON.
- LT Evin HD Tear 01.
- LT Evin HD Tear Default.
- LT Evin HD Translucency 30%.
- LT Evin HD Translucency 50%.
- LT Evin HD Translucency 70%.
- LT Evin HD Translucency 90%.
- LT Evin HD Translucency Default.

6 Eyes colors (.DUF)

Shapes: (.DUF)

- LT Evin HD Adam Apple Apply/REM.
- LT Evin HD Body Apply/REM.
- LT Evin HD Full Bodies REM.
- LT Evin HD Fullbody 01 Apply.
- LT Evin HD Fullbody 02 Apply.
- LT Evin HD Fullbody Apply.
- LT Evin HD Genital Bulge Apply.
- LT Evin HD Head 01 Apply/REM.
- LT Evin HD Head 02 Apply/REM.
- LT Evin HD Head Apply/REM.


62 Textures 4K, Bump, Subsurface, Specular. Ambient Occlusion Weight,... Maps (4096 x 4096 px) (.png and .tif).

This Character uses the Genesis 8.1 Male(s) Base UV Maps.

File Types: .DUF

Compatible Software:

- Daz Studio 4.20.
- DSON Importer for Poser.
- Daz to Maya Bridge.
- Daz to Blender Bridge.
- Daz to C4D Bridge.

Compatible Figures:

- Genesis 8.1 Males.


Character Contemporary, Realistic and Fantasy.

Required Products:

- Genesis 8.1 Males


3D Models and Assets/People and Wearables/Genesis 8.1 Males.


DAZ Install Manager

- Unzip the zip file to a temporarily folder
- Copy the 'data, People and Runtime' folders in the unzipped folder and
paste them into your DAZ 3D Library folder.

(e.g. C:Users/Public/Documents/My DAZ 3D Library)

Compatible figures: 
LT Evin HD for Genesis 8.1 Male | 3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser