Mech Gunner Costume Set for Genesis 8 Females

Mech Gunner Costume Set for Genesis 8 Females

This is not just another costume; it s a result of a full day s commitment to converting and perfecting each detail for the best possible representation in DAZ Studio. Equip your Genesis 8 Female with the Mech Gunner Costume Set and bring a piece of Fortnite into your 3D world.

Introducing the Mech Gunner Costume Set for Genesis 8 Females, a meticulously crafted ensemble inspired by the iconic B.R.U.T.E. Gunner outfit from Fortnite. This set brings the game s mechanized esthetic directly into your DAZ Studio with precision and style.

Two Material Options: Equip your Genesis 8 Female with the Red Racer version for a bold look, or opt for the classic sleek default black, each featuring custom metallic maps that highlight the costume's futuristic design.
Easy Swap Shaders: Quickly toggle between the Red Racer and default black with user-friendly shaders, perfect for adapting the outfit to various scenarios.
Four Component Set: The costume includes four essential pieces: helmet, gloves, shirt, and pants, each replicating the distinct style of Fortnite s combat gear.
Innovative Helmet Morphs:
Visor Adjustment: A custom morph slider that allows you to raise the visor, tailoring the helmet s appearance for different action sequences.
Ears Movement: Another slider that controls the forward and backward movement of the mech ears, providing additional customization and a dynamic feel to the helmet.

Installation and Compatibility:
File Path: Locate the Mech Gunner Costume under People\Genesis 8 Female\Costumes\DAZZworks\Mech_Gunner in your DAZ Studio library.
Compatibility: Optimized for Daz Studio versions from 4.19 to the most recent, this costume set supports a wide range of 3D software through Daz s bridges to Maya, Unity, Unreal, 3ds Max, Blender, and Cinema 4D.

Engagement and Support:
Embrace the spirit of Fortnite s battlefield by integrating the Mech Gunner Costume Set into your renders. We appreciate your support and are excited to see how you bring your creative visions to life with this outfit.


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