Medieval Castle Construction Kit - Walls and Towers

Medieval Castle Construction Kit - Walls and Towers

Kitbash your dream Castle with this set of Medieval Wall and Tower components!

Comprising 96 individual building-block elements, along with 24 prebuilt set pieces, this kit will allow you to construct the perfect historically accurate reproduction of an early 12th-century Outer Curtain Wall to surround your village or Medieval Keep.

Each structural wall element is 8 feet thick, containing a rubble fill sandwiched between dressed and layered stone blocks for optimal strength against invading enemies. Wall sections are 20 feet high, with several Crenellated Parapet variations to choose from, as well as several angled "Batter" bases and supportive Buttresses to increase your defensive protection.

Both Drum Towers and Round Tower components are provided, with multiple stackable and interchangeable layers for a virtually limitless array of Wall and Tower configurations, with both exterior and interior elements, including Stairs, Platforms, Trapdoors, and even a Dungeon to contain your captive prisoners!

Furthermore, temporary wooden "Hoardings" are available to top off your Walls and Towers should encroaching enemies approach. These are historically accurate, both in use and construction methods employed during the early Medieval period, and were employed as extra overhead protection against incoming projectiles, while also allowing the defenders wide visibility to fire arrows or drop objects onto an attacking army.

You can also scale, stack, and rotate elements to produce a sprawling Fantasy Castle complex for your latest dungeon quest or game simulation.

Moreover, nearly all surfaces accept any tiling texture to allow you to use your own resources for a wider variety of visual presentations. Scale and offset any surface independently of the others to produce exactly the look you're after. The exception is the dForce Flags and Banners, which come with over 20 different heraldic texture materials in a variety of multi-tonal colors for you to choose from.

All fabric surfaces are dForce ready out of the box, to just simulate and render. Adding a dForce Wind Node, though, will go a long way toward creating a realistic-looking flag flapping in the breeze.

All textures provided include displacement maps and settings for increased detail at close range. These are turned off by default for the conservation of system resources, but three utility resources are provided to easily switch the displacement strength of any surface between 0, 1, or 2.

Please see the detailed notes in the promo images for further details concerning the various features and functions of each piece in this set. And stay tuned for more components coming soon to a Castle Construction site near you!

So get building today, before those pesky pillagers come raiding your neighborhood!

What's Included and Features

  • Medieval Castle Construction Kit - Walls and Towers: (.DUF)
  • Scene Subsets:
  • Towers:
    • Drum Tower Corbeled
    • Drum Tower Squat
    • Drum Tower Tall
    • Drum Tower War Prepped
    • Round Tower 90 Buttressed Set
    • Round Tower 90 Corner Set
    • Round Tower 135 Corner Set
  • Walls:
    • 10m Outer Curtain Wall Set 01
    • 10m Outer Curtain Wall Set 02
    • 10m Outer Curtain Wall Set 03
    • 10m Outer Curtain Wall Stairs Set 01
    • 10m Outer Curtain Wall Stairs Set 02
    • Tower Wall Prebuilds:
      • 65m Drum Tower Wall Section
      • Buttressed Corner Wall Section
  • Props:
    • Porch Doorway Stairs Set
    • Rosebud Brazier Set
    • Wall Torch HR Flames Set
    • Wall Torch LR Flames Set
    • Tower Spire Short Flagpole Set
    • Tower Spire Tall Flagpole Set
  • Low Rez Presets:
    • MCCK-LR Corbeled Drum Tower Preset
    • MCCK-LR War Ready Drum Tower Preset
    • MCCK-LR 10m Buttressed Hoarding Wall
    • MCCK-LR 10m Corbeled Wall Preset
  • Wall Components:
    • 10m Batter Angled
    • 10m Batter Base Set
    • 10m Batter Straight
    • 10m Buttress Base Set
    • 10m Buttress Caps Set
    • 10m Crenelation Overhang
    • 10m Crenellation Straight
    • 10m Hoarding
    • 10m Outer Curtain Wall
    • 10m Stair Base Extension Left
    • 10m Stair Base Extension Right
    • 10m Stone Stairs Left
    • 10m Stone Stairs Right
  • Drum Tower Components:
    • Drum Tower Batter Angled
    • Drum Tower Batter Base Caps
    • Drum Tower Batter Base Narrow
    • Drum Tower Batter Base Shallow
    • Drum Tower Batter Base Wide
    • Drum Tower Batter Straight
    • Drum Tower Crenellation Overhang
    • Drum Tower Crenellation Straight
    • Drum Tower Hoarding (Straight Crenelation Only)
    • Drum Tower Lower Deep
    • Drum Tower Lower Shallow
    • Drum Tower Upper
  • Round Tower Components:
    • Round Tower Batter Angled
    • Round Tower Batter Base Narrow
    • Round Tower Batter Base Wide
    • Round Tower Batter Straight
    • Round Tower Crenel Machicolations
    • Round Tower Crenelation Straight
    • Round Tower Crenellated Overhang
    • Round Tower Double Doors 90
    • Round Tower Double Doors 135
    • Round Tower Lit Stairwell Dungeon Set
    • Round Tower Dungeon:
      • Open Trapdoor
    • Round Tower Hoarding
    • Round Tower Single Door 45°
    • Round Tower Solid Walls
    • Round Tower Spire Base
    • Round Tower Spire Short
    • Round Tower Spire Tall
    • Round Tower Stairwell Platform
    • Round Tower Stairwell Steps
    • Round Tower Support Beams
    • Round Tower Tiled Walkway
    • Round Tower Trapdoor Platform:
      • Open Trapdoor
  • Lo-Rez Components:
    • 10m Batter Angled LR
    • 10m Batter Base Set LR
    • 10m Batter Straight LR
    • 10m Buttress Set LR
    • 10m Crenellation Overhang LR
    • 10m Crenellation Straight LR
    • 10m Hoarding LR
    • 10m Outer Curtain Wall LR
    • Drum Tower Batter Angled LR
    • Drum Tower Batter Base Narrow LR
    • Drum Tower Batter Base Wide LR
    • Drum Tower Batter Straight LR
    • Drum Tower Crenellation Overhang LR
    • Drum Tower Crenellation Straight LR
    • Drum Tower Hoarding LR
    • Drum Tower Lower LR
    • Drum Tower Upper LR
    • Stair Base Extension Left LR
    • Stair Base Extension Right LR
  • Banners and Flags (dForce):
    • Banner and Pennants Set (dForce)
    • Banner Bracket Set (dForce)
    • Banner Flagpole Short (dForce)
    • Banner Flagpole Tall (dForce)
    • Banner Swallowtail:
      • Drape Morph
    • Banner Swallowtail Set (dForce)
    • Draped Pennants Set (dForce)
    • Drum Tower Flagpole Straight Finials (dForce)
    • Drum Tower Flagpole Wide Finials (dForce)
    • Drum Tower Hoarding Flagpole (dForce)
    • Drum Tower Hoarding Walkway
  • Set Props:
    • Door Bracing Beam
    • Iron Band and Anchor
    • Iron Band Plain
    • Ladder Rungs Nailed
    • Ladder Rungs Tied
    • Ladder Stairs Short
    • Ladder Stairs Tall
    • Railing Section Short
    • Railing Section Single
    • Railing Section Triple
    • Rigged Post Ropes Loose
    • Rigged Post Ropes Tight
    • Rosebud Brazier
    • Round Tower Doorway Porch
  • Lighting Props:
    • Fire Cones
    • Fire Cylinders
    • Fire Planes
    • Ghost Light Dome
    • Wall Torch HR
    • Wall Torch LR
  • Materials:
    • Banners and Flags:
      • Banners Fleur Cross
      • Banners Lion Cloth
      • Banners Lion Metallic
      • Banners Templar Red
      • Banners Templar White
    • Emissive Elements:
      • Rosebud Brazier Ashes
      • Rosebud Brazier Coals
      • Rosebud Brazier Embers
    • Carved Wood:
      • Wood Door Lintel Leaves
      • Wood Door Lintel Lions
  • Shaders:
    • 11 Pennants
  • 11 Flags
  • Shingles:
    • Tower Porch Roof Shingles Mossy
    • Tower Porch Roof Shingles Wood
    • Tower Steeple Roofing Tiles Mossy
    • Tower Steeple Roofing Tiles Wood
  • Utilities:
    • Displacement 0
    • Displacement 1
    • Displacement 2
  • Textures Include:
    • 260 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Emissive, Height, Glossiness, Normal, Reflection, Roughness, Specular, and Transparency (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

dForce Cloth, Daz Studio 4.22

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Medieval Castle Construction Kit - Walls and Towers | 3D Models for Daz Studio