Medieval Village Walls Construction Set

Medieval Village Walls Construction Set

Whether you're protecting your home turf from encroaching Orcs, or throwing up castle walls to house your local Warlord, the Medieval Village Walls Construction Set gives you Towers, Walls, and Gateways to get the job done right.

This modular kit contains 10-meter wide, 3-meter thick Wall and Gatehouse sections, 5-meter Square Towers in straight and corner versions, plus tapered octagonal Round Towers - including fitted left and right Gatehouse Towers - allowing you to surround virtually any size town or village with custom defensive configurations.

The kit includes both high and low resolution versions, for close-up or far off scenes, as well as front facade sections for low camera angles where the back half is not seen.

Three door portal prop variations give you ample options for positioning multiple entry and egress points along the walls and towers. A pole and flag with 33 morphs lets your pennant drape or fly in calm to gusty winds. Finally, a sturdy wooden beam is provided to bar access when you lower the portcullis and shut the double entry doors against approaching foes.

Each arrow slit and lead-glazed window contains an emissive plane that can be turned on and off individually or all together with the provided light preset for quick and simple night scenes.

All surfaces accept tiling textures, and the Medieval Village Walls Construction Set gives you 27 PBR material shaders in 5 categories, including 5 Brick styles, 3 Floor Tile varieties, 5 Metals, 7 Stone textures, and 7 Wood materials. In addition, there are 4 complete texture presets for every section to get you up and running quickly.

Finally, there are four basic layout presets - from a single frontal wall defense to complete surrounds in high and low res versions - for quick and ready setup.

Protect your village from invading Orcs and marauding Mortals with Medieval Village Walls Construction Set before it's too late!

What's Included and Features

  • Medieval Village Walls Construction Set (.DUF)
    • Gatehouse Preset
    • Gateway Front Wall Preset
    • HiRez Full Surround Preset
    • LoRez Full Surround Preset
  • Zero Props
    • Hi Rez 10 Meter Wall
    • Hi Rez Corner Tower
    • Hi Rez Gate Tower Left
    • Hi Rez Gate Tower Right
    • Hi Rez Gateway
    • Hi Rez Round Tower
    • Hi Rez Square Tower
    • Low Rez 10 Meter Wall LoRez
    • Low Rez Corner Tower LoRez
    • Low Rez Round Tower LoRez
    • Low Rez Square Tower LoRez
    • 10 Meter Wall Facade
    • Corner Tower Facade
    • Gateway Facade
    • Round Tower Facade
    • Square Tower Facade
  • Props
    • Arch Door
    • Covered Door
    • Square Door
    • Door Brace Beam
    • Flagpole
    • Arch Door LoRez
    • Square Door LoRez
    • Castle Walls Arch Door
    • Castle Walls Covered Door
    • Castle Walls Square Door
    • Castle Walls Flagpole Blue Pennant
    • Medieval Walls Arch Door
    • Medieval Walls Covered Door
    • Medieval Walls Square Door
    • Medieval Walls Flagpole Red Pennant
    • Old Stone Arch Door
    • Old Stone Covered Door
    • Old Stone Square Door
    • Old Stone Flagpole Ochre Pennant
    • Stained Grey Arch Door
    • Stained Grey Covered Door
    • Stained Grey Square Door
    • Stained Grey Flagpole Purple Pennant
  • Shaders
    • BRICK Castle Walls
    • BRICK Gray Stone Clean
    • BRICK Gray Stone Stained
    • BRICK Medieval Wall
    • BRICK Old Stone Wall
    • FLOORING Castle Paving
    • FLOORING Medieval Tiles
    • FLOORING Square Cobbles
    • METAL Bronze Aged
    • METAL Pitted Iron
    • METAL Scuffed Iron
    • METAL Streaked Steel
    • METAL Window Leading
    • STONE Granite Grey
    • STONE Granite Speckled
    • STONE Lichen Covered
    • STONE Mossy Wall
    • STONE Slate Surface Grey
    • STONE Slate Surface Ochre
    • STONE Worn & Spattered
    • WOOD Aged Red Wood
    • WOOD English Oak
    • WOOD Medieval Planks
    • WOOD New Variagated Planks
    • WOOD Old Worn Planks
    • WOOD Rough Redwood
    • WOOD Scuffed Up
  • Materials Include
    • Emissive OFF
    • Emissive ON
    • Castle Walls 10 Meter Wall
    • Castle Walls Corner Tower
    • Castle Walls Gateway
    • Castle Walls Round Tower
    • Castle Walls Square Tower
    • Medieval Walls 10 Meter Wall
    • Medieval Walls Corner Tower
    • Medieval Walls Gateway
    • Medieval Walls Round Tower
    • Medieval Walls Square Tower
    • Old Stone 10 Meter Wall
    • Old Stone Corner Tower
    • Old Stone Gateway
    • Old Stone Round Tower
    • Old Stone Square Tower
    • Stained Grey 10 Meter Wall
    • Stained Grey Corner Tower
    • Stained Grey Gateway
    • Stained Grey Round Tower
    • Stained Grey Square Tower
    • Castle Walls 10 Meter Wall LoRez
    • Castle Walls Corner Tower LoRez
    • Castle Walls Round Tower LoRez
    • Castle Walls Square Tower LoRez
    • Medieval Walls 10 Meter Wall LoRez
    • Medieval Walls Corner Tower LoRez
    • Medieval Walls Round Tower LoRez
    • Medieval Walls Square Tower LoRez
    • Old Stone 10 Meter Wall LoRez
    • Old Stone Corner Tower LoRez
    • Old Stone Round Tower LoRez
    • Old Stone Square Tower LoRez
    • Stained Grey 10 Meter Wall LoRez
    • Stained Grey Corner Tower LoRez
    • Stained Grey Round Tower LoRez
    • Stained Grey Square Tower LoRez
  • Textures Include:
    • 153 Diffuse, Bump, Displacement, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Specular, and Transparency Maps from (1000 x 1000 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
  • Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install