Mind Control Lab

Mind Control Lab

Mind control lab props and room. Retro style Equipment commonly used in brainwashing and mind control operations, creating Manchurian candidates or for interrogation use. A fully poseable Restraining Chair fitted with head brace, electrodes, tightening screws, chin strap, wrist and ankle straps. Electro convulsive shock therapy machine, TV monitor, Carts and medicine cabinets, hypodermic needle, tongs, bottles, bowls, metronome, hypnosis spiral and more. Genesis 8 Female and Male sitting poses for restraining chair. A nice collection of props to add to hospital or asylum scenes. Promos rendered in IRAY.

What's Included and Features

  • Mind Control Lab: (.DUF)
    • Restraining Chair:
      • Head brace Up/Down/Rotate/Pivot.
      • Chin strap Up/Down and 3 point pivot.
      • Tightening screws In/Out
      • Moveable wrist and ankle straps.
      • Wheels Swivel/Rotate.
    • Restraining chair pose for Genesis 8 Female and Male
    • Sitting Poses for Genesis 8 Female and Male
    • Psychotron electro convulsive shock therapy machine:
      • Dials Rotate
      • mA needle Left/Right
      • Cable (D-Former)
    • Psychotron Cart:
      • Wheels Swivel/Rotate.
    • TV monitor:
      • Emissive screen with white noise.
    • TV monitor cart:
      • Wheels Swivel/Rotate
    • Surgical cart:
      • Wheels Swivel/Rotate.
    • Hypodermic needle:
      • Plunger In/Out.
    • Surgical tongs:
      • Tongs Open/Close
    • Syringe bottles:
      • LSD and truth serum
    • Chloroform bottle
    • Eye dropper and bottle
    • Steel tray
    • Emesis basin
    • Small bowl
    • Cotton balls
    • Medicine cabinet:
      • Doors and drawer Open/Close
      • Wheels Swivel/Rotate
    • Medicine cabinet cart:
      • Doors Open/Close
      • Wheels Swivel/Rotate
    • Metronome:
      • Pendulum Left/Right
      • Sliding weigh Up/Down
    • Hypnosis spiral:
      • Spiral Rotate
    • Mind control room:
      • Door Open/Close
      • Door handle Open/Close.
      • Light switches
      • Wall sockets
      • Vents
      • Speakers
      • Intercom
      • Fluorescent light fittings (emissive surfaces)
      • Dark tinted observation window
    • DAZ Studio camera
  • Textures Include:
    • 44 Texture, and Normal Maps (600 x 600 to 4743 x 2048)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install