Sexy and Sassy Poses for A4

Sexy and Sassy Poses for A4

Sexy, sassy, flirty and fun, these poses are optimized for the default A4 body, but work well with V4’s default body with only minor tweaking. This set includes 50 poses, 25 defaults and 25 “symmetry swapped” for A4! Poses were crafted with attention to placement of hands and feet, and designed to bring out A4’s charm and sex appeal.

Also included are a few Camera angles, including the main camera that was used to set up the poses.

The adorable little model posing for the camera is Keisha for A4, also available here at DAZ3D!

Compatible 3D Figures
Aiko 4
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • 50 poses
    • 25 defaults (right)
    • 25 symmetry swapped (left)
  • Four Poser camera settings
    • One Main Camera used for setting up poses and store renders
    • Three Face Cameras
Compatible figures: 
Modeling Pinup Poses for Daz Studio and Poser