MRL dForce Fantasy Hair Pack

MRL dForce Fantasy Hair Pack

MRL dForce Fantasy Hair Pack is a highly flexible yet stunning solution for a fantasy character.

There are 6 wearable presets, allowing the front hair to be worn free or gathered into 3 sections. It can be worn with or without hair accessories and with or without side-braids. The hair has 24 base-colors and 24 Ombre colors. Any base color can be mixed with any Ombre. There are 4 blend effects so you can control precisely how you want the Ombre colors to merge and there are 6 gloss settings so you can tailor the appearance exactly how you like it in your chosen lighting set-up. In keeping with the Fantasy hair theme there are 6 special MATS inspired by nature: Night Blooms, Autumn Leaves, Frost Flowers, Lavender, Rose Red and Summer Rose. Options and variations of the hair accessories are also included.

With so many flexible solutions and variations, not to mention its unparalleled beauty, the MRL dForce Fantasy Hair Pack is ready to become a focal point of your fantasy characters!

The product is made for dForce but works well in most poses as conforming

What's Included and Features

  • This Bundle Includes:
    • MRL dForce Fantasy Hair Pack (.DUF)
    • FH03 Fantasy Hair plus Braids plus Accessories
    • FH06 Section hair plus Braids Plus Accessories
    • FH05 Section Hair plus Accessories
    • Wearables
      • FH01 Fantasy Hair Only
      • FH02 Fantasy Hair plus Braids
      • FH04 Section Hair only
      • FH07 Add Tiara
      • FH08 Add Tiara no Beads
    • Morphs
      • Back Neck Forward
      • Bangs Tiara fit
      • Behind Ear Forward
      • Cheeks Out
      • Forehead Forward
      • Tiara Adjustment
      • Back Spread
      • Back Spread More
      • Front 3 Sections
      • Front Neck Back
      • Smooth Front
      • Spread Front Left
      • Spread Front Right
      • Twisted Hair Lower
      • Volume Top
      • Back Hair Front Back
      • Back Hair Swing Left Right
      • Head Scale
      • Left Bottom Lift
      • Left Front Lift
      • Left Front Straight out
      • Left Front Swing Left Right
      • MRL Left Over Shoulder
      • Right Bottom Lift
      • Right Front Lift
      • Right Front Straight out
      • Right Front Swing Left Right
      • MRL Right Over Shoulder
      • Braids Head Scale
      • Left Braid Forward Back
      • Left Braid In Out
      • Left Braid Twist
      • Right Braid Forward Back
      • Right Braid In Out
      • Right Braid Twist
      • Tiara Beads Back Left
      • Tiara Beads Back Right
      • Tiara Beads Curve
      • Tiara Beads Left Forward
      • Tiara Beads Left Out
      • Tiara Beads Right Forward
      • Tiara Beads Right Out
      • Tiara Back Out
      • Tiara Forehead Narrow
      • Tiara Head Scale
      • Tiara Width Scale
    • Genesis 8 Morphs
      • 4 Elf Ear morphs from 25%-100%
    • Materials Include
      • 24 Base Colors
      • 02 Hair Thicknesses
      • 24 Ombre Colors with 4 mixing options
      • 06 Gloss settings
      • 03 Metals for Accessories
      • 05 Bead Colors
      • Option to show/hide beads
      • Option to show/hide metallic braid thread
      • 02 settings for braids metallic thread
      • 06 Nature inspired special HMATs Night Blooms, Autumn Leaves, Frost Flowers, Lavender, Rose Red and Summer Rose
      • Option to show/hide bones for easier posing
      • 02 Braid thicknesses
      • 02 Settings for hair tips: wide and narrow
      • Options to turn on and off 'Start from memorised pose' when simulating
      • 02 Tessellation options for viewport
      • 02 Tessellation options for rendering
    • Textures Include:
      • 34 Texture, Bump, Opacity Maps (512 x 512)
    • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.14, dForce Cloth

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: