Muelsfell Modular Elven Sanctuary

Muelsfell Modular Elven Sanctuary

Find shelter in the hidden groves of the deep forest within the ancient stone walls of this secluded sanctuary.

Includes a full sanctuary with working doors, as well as modular components for you to customize your own, ranging from stone walls, arched doorways, statues, forest boulders, terrain, plant life and ivy, and exquisite light sources like a firefly illuminated globe or the eternally burning flame font -- and of course obligatory candles. Over 40 props let you create your scenes just as you see fit.

A scene with environment lighting and cameras lets you get right away to populating it with your favorite heroes and heroines.

A full set of Iray material presets are included. This set only includes Iray material presets, as well as a custom multilayered Iray only shader for the ground, but the textures themselves are fully usable in 3Delight if you wish to manually configure them.

What's Included and Features

  • Muelsfell Elven Sanctuary (.DUF)
  • Scenes:
    • Muelsfell Elven Sanctuary - Basic Scene
  • Elven Sanctuary Props:
    • Candle Duo A-B
    • Candle Single A-C
    • Candle Trio A-B
    • Column Short
    • Column with Statue
    • Column
    • Flame Font
    • Forest Boulder A-D
    • Forest Plant Leafy A-B
    • Forest Plant Red Leaf A-B
    • Forest Rock Wall Corner
    • Forest Rock Wall Inner Corner
    • Forest Rock Wall
    • Forest Stone Steps
    • Globe Lamp
    • Grass Clump A-B
    • Ivy Vines A-B
    • Large Bannister Curved
    • Large Bannister Straight
    • Modular Arch Door Curved
    • Modular Arch Door
    • Modular Dome
    • Modular Ground Floor
    • Modular Upper Floor
    • Modular Wall Curved Window
    • Modular Wall Curved
    • Modular Wall Window
    • Modular Wall
    • Stone Blocks Pile A-B
    • Tall Thin Stairs
    • Terrain Small
  • Iray Materials:
    • Bannisters
    • Candles
    • Columns and Masonry
    • Elven Sanctuary FULL
    • Flame Font - Unlit
    • Flame Font
    • Forest Boulders
    • Forest Rock Wall
    • Forest Stone Steps
    • Globe Lamp !Default
    • Ivy Vines
    • Modular Arch Doors
    • Modular Dome
    • Modular Ground Floor
    • Modular Upper Floor
    • Modular Walls
    • Stone Blocks
    • Terrain Small
    • Vegetation
  • Textures Include:
    • 94 Texture Diffuse, Normal, Metallic, Height, Roughness, Transparency, Emissive, and Alpha Maps (2048x2048 to 4096x4096)

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.11

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install