Napoleonic Brittish Artillery Redoubt

Napoleonic Brittish Artillery Redoubt

A redoubt was a temporary fortification, usually square or polygonal, made of earth and timber, since it was a hasty fortification, it was always made of what was readily available. But they historically were a force to be dealt with, often times Redoubts would change hands multiple times during a battle until it was trample almost flat or at least unrecognizable as a defensive position, we have made this model with the Brittish Empire in mind, a 2 cannon Redoubt, with all the accessories youd find in a historic redoubt, ammo crate (go ahead lift the lid) Barrel Small for extra powder tools Necessary for maintaining and keeping a gun firing, Guns in both postions for the top of the redoubt and in field (ground) firing position. 2 Brittish Cannon types the 9 pounder and the 6 pounder, as well as the union Jack flag and the artillery regimental Flag sit atop the redoubt. The is both ball and charge ammo as well as canister shot. And if that isnt enough, yes you guessed it Uniforms of the Brittish Artillery Officers, Ncos (Corperal, Furrier, sargent, and Sargeant Major, and Lastly the Enlisted man, with a great Back Ground Pic if you choose to use it, to give the right mood to your renders. The Uniforms are made for the Genesis 8 Male Character

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