Nature's Wonders Caterpillars

Nature's Wonders Caterpillars

Caterpillars are the larval stage of members of the order Lepidoptera (the insect order comprising butterflies and moths). Caterpillars of most species eat plant material (often leaves), but not all; a very small percentage eat insects, and some are even cannibalistic. Caterpillars are typically voracious feeders and many of them are among the most serious of agricultural pests. Conversely, various species of caterpillar are valued as sources of silk, as human or animal food, or for biological control of pest plants.

Many animals feed on caterpillars as they are rich in protein. As a result, caterpillars have evolved various means of defense. The appearance of a caterpillar can often repel a predator: its markings and certain body parts can make it seem poisonous, or bigger in size and thus threatening, or non-edible. Some types of caterpillars are indeed poisonous or distasteful and their bright coloring warns predators of this. Others may mimic dangerous caterpillars or other animals while not being dangerous themselves. Many caterpillars are cryptically colored and resemble the plants on which they feed.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, caterpillars are feared as pest that devour crops, however, in the New Testament, their transformation to butterflies and moths was considered proof of Christs resurrection; being “born again”.

The Nature’s Wonders Caterpillar is designed to emulate many different types of caterpillar and is rigged to give natural movement to the model. Included in this base set are 3 species of Hornworm; the Tomato, Tobacco and White-lined. It supports Poser’s Firefly and Superfly and DAZ Studio 3Delight and Iray render engines.

What's Included & Features:

* Nature's Wonders Caterpillar model (.cr2/.obj and .duf formats)

Species included (.cr2/.obj and .duf with 4K maps):
* Tobacco Hornworm
* Tomato Hornworm
* White-lined Hornworm

Poses (.pz2 and .duf formats):
* ! Default Pose Reset
* Caught
* Climb Up
* Curled Up
* Head Raised
* Inch Forward
* Rearing Up

Cameras (.cm2 and .duf formats):
* InsectCam (a starting place to focus on the insect)

Manuals (.pdf formats):
* Field Guide and Manual. Information and tips on use of product. Field Guide on the included species


Software: Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Daz Studio 4, Poser Pro 11, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Poser 12, Poser 13

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