Everyday Cosmetics

Everyday Cosmetics

We all know digital women have beautiful make-up. But how do they get their perfect looks? Easy! They use a great range of professional cosmetics! This Cosmetics pack has everything a girl needs to make herself look gorgeous, from make-up brushes and false eyelashes to lipsticks and perfumes. Now your models can sit in front of a mirror and apply mascara or eyeliner, use tweezers, nail varnish and lip gloss, or wield a hairbrush and hair-dryer. If they're out and about, they can choose a make-up compact or pocket kit with a handy mirror, or even a full eyeshadow kit. Now a girl can look good when she's making herself look good!

The Daz Studio installer comes with native geometry and files. The Poser installer comes with native geometry and files, plus .DSA scripts to load the correct Daz Studio material settings.

Compatible with:

Daz Studio 3.1 or higher

Poser 6 or higher

Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Multi-Part Props (.PP2 and .DAZ)
    • Compact (Round) - Make-up/Mirror/Sponge
    • Compact (Square) - 3x Make-up/Mirror/Brush
    • Eyeshadow Kit - 11x Make-up/Mirror/Pencil
    • Make-up Kit + 5x Make-up/Mirror/Q Tip
    • 3 Stacking Make-up Pots + Single/Double/Triple Make-up + Lids
    • Eyelashes Pack - 2x Eyelashes/Glue
    • 2 Morphing Lipsticks + Tops
    • Lip Gloss + Brush
    • Mascara + Brush
    • 2 Nail Varnish + Brushes
    • Eyebrow Pencil + Cap
    • Eyeliner + Cap
    • Perfume (Morphing) + Cap
    • Hairspray + Cap
  • Single Props (.PP2 & .DAZ)
    • 3 Make-Up Brushes - Fine, Medium, Large
    • Hair-Dryer
    • Hairbrush
    • Nail File
    • 2 Perfume Bottles
    • Powder Puff
    • Skin cleanser
    • Tweezers (Morphing)
  • Presets & Textures (.DSA/.MT5/.JPG)
    • Brushes Black/Colored
    • Pencils Black/Colored
    • Logo Black/Colored
  • Textures Include
    • 7 Textures (512 x 512)
    • 16 Textures (1024 x 1024)
Other Environments for Daz Studio and Poser