Medical Tools 1- Surgical Tools

Medical Tools 1- Surgical Tools

'Doctor, give it to me straight... can you help me?'

'Actually, yes. I just recently got a new set of tools in for your surgery. Scalpels, hypodermics, handheld mirrors, tweezers, and forceps - even the little bendy forceps!'

'That's great, Doc!'

'It sure is! Now if I could find a copy of 'Grey's Anatomy' I'd even be able to figure out where your appendix IS!'


Addition Products used in Promo Images:
  • Dystopian MedBay
  • pwSurface
  • Scrubs Outfit
  • Sector 15
  • UberHair Shader Upgrade for UberSurface
  • V4 Elite Texture: Lana
  • V4A4 Bun Hair
  • Victoria 4.2 Base
  • Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • 2 Forceps (.CR2 and .OBJ)
    • Clean
    • Bloody
    • All Come With Morph to Bend Tip
  • 7 Prop Tools (.PP2 and .OBJ)
    • Hypo
    • Mirror Clean
    • Mirror Bloody
    • Scalpel Clean
    • Scalpel Bloody
    • Tweezers Clean
    • Tweezers Bloody
  • Textures
    • 2 Reflection Maps (128x128)
    • 22 Texture/Bump/Specu;lar/Diffuse Maps (1024x1024)
    • 22 Texture/Bump/Specu;lar/Diffuse Maps (1600x1600)
  • Poser Material Poses (.PZ2)
  • Poser Material Presets (.MC6)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)
Other Environments for Daz Studio and Poser