Sadie - Developer Pack

Sadie - Developer Pack

This pack is meant as a resource for clothing developers who would like to create clothing for 3D Universe's Sadie figure. Although it is fairly simple to create clothing for Sadie using this product, it is presumed that the purchaser does know something about conforming clothing. The two Wavefront OBJ files and CR2 templates in this package may be used to create your own saleable/free add-on content for 3D Universe's Sadie figure. However, you must alter the OBJ files and CR2 files and make them your own before you can resell or distribute them.

Required Products
3D Universe Toon Girl Sadie
Note: For an example on using this pack please refer to this thread:
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Two Redistributable UVMapped Wavefront OBJ files based on Sadie Figure:
    • Low Resolution mesh (810 Polygons)
    • Medium Resolution mesh (3236 Polygons)
  • Six Redistributable Poser CR2 files:
    • Full Rig(including fingers) - for full body clothing where fingers are covered
    • Partial Rig (No Fingers) - for full body clothing where fingers are not included (e.g. catsuit)
    • Partial Rig (Long Top) - for jumper/jersey style clothing
    • Partial Rig (Long Pants) - for jeans/trousers style clothing
    • Partial Rig (Short Top) - for T-Shirt and Vest style clothing
    • Partial Rig (Feet Only) - for shoes/sandals and below-the-knee boot style clothing
Compatible figures: 
Other Resources for Daz Studio and Poser