Skye Developer Pack

Skye Developer Pack

This Developer Pack contains redistributable basic CR2 Figures and a starter OBJ geometry to create your own clothing for Skye.

The included OBJ bodysuit geometry includes grouping and materials to easily create your own custom clothing without any modeling.

Required Products
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • 6 Redistributable CR2 Figures:
    • Skye Rig - Full (.CR2)
      • Ideal for full clothing items and/or gloves.
    • Skye Rig - No Fingers (.CR2)
      • Full rig excluding fingers.
    • Skye Rig - Head Prop (.CR2)
      • Ideal for items you want conformed to Skye's head like hair props, sunglasses, earrings, etc.
    • Skye Rig - Long Hair (.CR2)
      • Ideal for long conforming hairstyles that fall below the shoulders.
    • Skye Rig - Long Pants (.CR2)
      • Ideal for conforming clothing on the lower half like pants and boot.
    • Skye Rig - Long Top (.CR2)
      • Ideal for conforming clothing on the torso like shirts and jackets.
    • All .CR2 Files Call Non-Redistributable 3duSkyeDEV.obj
  • 1 Starter Wavefront OBJ file (Full bodysuit):
    • Medium resolution mesh (less than 4000 Polygons)
    • Preset Grouping - Contains matching body parts to Skye
    • Preset Material Groups include:
      • BoobTube
      • Knees
      • LowerArms
      • MidArms
      • UpperArms
      • LowerChest
      • UpperChest
      • Neck
      • Pants
      • Tummy
      • UpperThighs
      • LowerThighs
      • UpperShins
      • LowerShins
    • Symmetrical-mapped UVMap for easy custom material use.
Compatible figures: 
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