Palace of the Sun - Plus Full Sky-Ray World Kit

Palace of the Sun - Plus Full Sky-Ray World Kit

Palace of the Sun Plus Full Sky-Ray World Kit

A fantastic and elaborate Palace located in an exotic land, surrounded by trees and exotic plants.
There is a path leading to the Palace that is lined with many flower bushes that pass through dual lakes surrounded by many palm trees and decorated with rocks and vines.

The Sky above has many moods, from clear blue to golden sunlight to multiple feathered cloud layers and much more.

The incredible architecture on the Palace shows great attention to style and detail, and with its natural surroundings, it appears as its self-illuminating, the Palace of the Sun.

You can load a variety of fully setup 3D Scenes complete with the Palace, Trees, Plants, Lakes, Gardens, Grass etc in a 360% environment and complete with multiple styles and cameras.

Plus it comes with a very powerful World Sky-Ray System that harnesses the power of Iray like never before.

It allows the inbuilt Nvidia Iray Sun to shine thru detailed 360 skies and clouds that are mapped on a semi-transparent sphere and an illuminated skylight sphere to illuminate the sky and create stunningly realistic skies and environmental lighting with shadows. (See Images)

Users have a selection of skies and skylight and they can easily position the sun via the Sundial or real-world times and locations presets (See Images)

It is a highly realistic and versatile environment that is completely hand-built, including most of the main textures which are highly detailed and fine-tuned for perfect results.

Plus there are several popular Social Media Ratios so you can conveniently post your image or video creations on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc…easily.

What's Included and Features

  • Palace of the Sun - Plus Full Sky-Ray World Kit (.DUF)
  • Scenes
    • MGX PoTS A Scene Sundial
    • MGX PoTS B Scene No Sundial
    • MGX PoTS C Scene Sundial
    • MGX PoTS D Scene No Sundial
    • MGX PoTS E Scene Sundial
    • MGX PoTS F Scene No Sundial
    • MGX PoTS G Nature Sundial
    • MGX PoTS H Nature No Sundial
    • MGX PoTS I Nature Sundial
    • MGX PoTS J Nature No Sundial
    • MGX PoTS 3 EnvMaps+Sundial
    • MGX PoTS 4 EnvMaps No Sundial
    • MGX PoTS Sundial [Merge into Scene]
  • Presets
    • MGX PoTS 1 World
    • MGX PoTS 2 Add All
    • MGX PoTS Grass Cluster
    • MGX PoTS Palms
  • Props
    • MGX PoTS Grass Patch
      • Patch-Gather
      • Patch-Grow
      • Patch-RootsDown
      • Patch-ScaleHeight
    • MGX PoTS Grass Tree
      • Curve
      • CurveX
      • CurveZ
      • FlattenTop
      • Grow
      • OuterDrop
      • Roots
      • XZScale
    • MGX PoTS Plants-Azalea
    • MGX PoTS Plants-Az-Flowers
    • MGX PoTS Plants-RR-Bush
    • MGX PoTS Plants-RR-Flowers
      • BendStems
    • MGX PoTS Rocks-Vines
    • MGX PoTS Tree-BL
    • MGX PoTS Tree-CB
    • MGX PoTS Tree-HK
    • MGX PoTS Tree-KS
    • MGX PoTS Tree-MM
    • MGX PoTS Tree-SM
  • Poses
    • MGX PoTS Sundial HiCntr
    • MGX PoTS Sundial HiLeft
    • MGX PoTS Sundial HiRight
    • MGX PoTS Sundial LowCntr
    • MGX PoTS Sundial LowLeft
    • MGX PoTS Sundial LowRight
    • MGX PoTS Sundial MidCntr
    • MGX PoTS Sundial MidLeft
    • MGX PoTS Sundial MidRight
    • MGX PoTS Sundial Rear2
  • Materials Iray
    • MGX PoTS Arctic Sky
    • MGX PoTS Arctic Sun
    • MGX PoTS BlueGold Sky
    • MGX PoTS BlueGold-Red Sky
    • MGX PoTS Cloudy Sky
    • MGX PoTS Daytime Panorama
    • MGX PoTS Evening Panorama
    • MGX PoTS Panoramic BluGold
    • MGX PoTS Pan-Standard
    • MGX PoTS Sky-Panoramic
    • MGX PoTS SoftMisty
    • MGX PoTS Sunset Sky
    • MGX PoTS AZ Flowers1A
    • MGX PoTS AZ Flowers1B
    • MGX PoTS AZ Flowers1C
    • MGX PoTS AZ Flowers1Off
    • MGX PoTS AZ Flowers2A
    • MGX PoTS AZ Flowers2B
    • MGX PoTS AZ Flowers2C
    • MGX PoTS AZ Flowers2Off
    • MGX PoTS Palace Base1
    • MGX PoTS Palace Base2
    • MGX PoTS Palace Main1
    • MGX PoTS Palace Main2
  • Preset Cameras
    • MGX PoTS All Main Cameras
    • MGX PoTS Close Cam
    • MGX PoTS Render Cam1
    • MGX PoTS Render Cam2
    • MGX PoTS Render Cam3
    • MGX PoTS Side Cam
  • Render settings
    • MGX PoTS 2.30PM-2022
    • MGX PoTS 5.00PM-1978
    • MGX PoTS 5.30PM-2022
    • MGX PoTS 6.15PM-2020
    • MGX PoTS 6.22PM-2018
    • MGX PoTS 6.30PM-2022
    • MGX PoTS 7.30AM-Fog 2022
    • MGX PoTS 8.15AM-2012
    • MGX PoTS Render 1-1
    • MGX PoTS Render 16-9
    • MGX PoTS Render 2-3
    • MGX PoTS Render 3-2
    • MGX PoTS Render 9-16
    • MGX PoTS Render Daz
  • Palace of the Sun User Guide (.PDF)
  • Textures Include:
    • 353Textures Bump, Normal, and Specular Maps (600 x 600 to 13664 x 3630)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis, Genesis 8.1 Female, Genesis 8.1 Male, Genesis 9

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.21

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Palace of the Sun - Plus Full Sky-Ray World Kit | 3D Models for Daz Studio