PD Howler 13

PD Howler 13

This is version 13, also known as Howler 2020

PD Howler is creative software for creative minds, powered by Project Dogwaffle. It runs on PC with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. It is a 32-bit program but runs usually better on 64-bit versions of Windows since they usually come with more RAM.

PD Howler is the top-of-the-line edition from Project Dogwaffle, created by brought to you by Dan Ritchie (Squirreldome.com) and Philip Staiger (TheBest3D.com), a former Amapi evangelist at Eovia who loves Carrara, 3D, colorful pixels and working with still images as well as animations and videos.

PD Howler includes GPU-based rendering of 3D landscapes, starting easily from an image-based elevation map. The 3D Designer can create the terrain and enhance it with erosion, sediments and more. Export to OBJ files, or save the modified heightmap for re-use in other tools and game engines. PuppyRay renders fast and very real looking landscapes, and you can then paint on them with foliage brushes for added details. The Particle Modeler is great for animated volumetric puffy clouds and now also supports the use of sprites, even animated sprites, to create fun flocks of birds, schools of fish and more. Rendering the water plane in PuppyRay includes realistic details like: true Fresnel to transition between reflection vs. refraction, absorption based on depth to loose the red, green and eventually bue channels; scattering to add a hint of milky or murky dirty suspension in the water; ground-level fog; wet darkening of the rocks and sandy areas near the water; caustics from the Sun projected down to the ocean floor.

But it's not just about 3D landscapes and water or skies and clouds. PD Howler also has tools to fix videos, such as repairing missing frames due to encoding, dropped frames. And motion-estimated interpolation for super-slow motion; And numerous special effects filters, not just over a single mage, but also over image sequences of an animation, a video.

And of course, it is a paint program too. You can load an image as a custom brush, even an animation such as image sequence or avi video can be the brush with which you paint over another image or into another video(!). That animbrush can hold a looking animation that you created in Daz Studio or Carrara or Bryce, Poser and many other tools, or image frames that you drew by hand.

A lot of new brush presets were added in this version 13, especially for foliage/vegetation.

There are also tools for cartooning, exposure sheets, frame painting, and numerous fun effects, lens flares for your muzzles and gun battles and extra-solar art with multiple bright stars and such.

You will get to download and run the installer for PD Howler 2020, build 42. It is unlocked, no activation code needed. Keep your proof of purchase for future updates or upgrades, if any.

Install on Windows PC (win7-10). You may even install and use it on multiple computers of yours, including amongst direct family members.

Read more about the latest tutorials and features at http://www.thebest3d.com/howler - and look for version 13 or 2020, but also check what was new in v12 (2019), v11, v10, 9.6/9.5 and earlier versions to grasp the extent of the toolsets. For example:


Most importantly, stay informed, read the newsletter.


Thanks for waffling and howling!

What's Included and Features

  • PD Howler 13
  • Main features (it's a long list and even this one is incomplete:
  • Here is a subset from the above list:
  • Summary of Main Features:
    • Digital painting with many types of brushes, including natural media brushes, particle brushes, foliage brushes, custom image and animated brushes + Huge collection of filters, many of them animated(!)
    • Video frame editing and post work for special FX, traditional frame-by-frame animation and working with video on video, motion prediction, frame processing, tracking, chromakeying, green screen, compositing, rotoscoping, etc...
    • 3D capabilities including elevation map based 3D terrain generation, global illumination and ray tracing on CPU and in the GPU!
  • Paint features:
    • Natural media, many presets, fully customizable
    • Full tablet support
    • Custom brushes, bristle brushes, particle brushes, brushes under the influence of force fields
    • 3D orbiting particle brushes (Orbicles)
    • Dynamic Rules-based Foliage brushes
    • Animated (multi-frame) custom brushes
    • Pigment lifting for even more realistic paint effects
    • Well over 100 fast full featured filters. Real-time is our middle name. See below for more on Filters
    • Premium color mixing tools. Red-yellow-blue, palette mixer, lots more
    • Multi-monitor support
    • Mirror mode and Symmetrical painting, Kaleidoscope mode
    • Frame your artwork
    • Brush keying
  • Animation features:
    • Traditional animation
    • Onion skin
    • Load/Save AVI's, frame sequences
    • Frame scanning
    • Line cleanup and non-photo blue removal
    • Timeline to apply filters
    • Exposure sheet with lip syncing
    • Frame sequencer
    • Rotoscoping matte creation
    • Motion analysis to create slow motion or add motion blur to stop motion
    • Animated brush timeline
    • Animated brush keyframer
    • Animation retiming
    • Interlaced video support
    • Batch processing
    • Batch conversion and renaming
    • Particles, 3D hight map, etc.
    • Image stabilization. Camera motion smoothing, removal and re-addition.
    • Motion tracking in Brush keyframer
    • Motion estimation and prediction for frame extrapolation and selective motion blurring
    • Mirror transform (vertical/horizontal) all frames of an animation
    • Frame-level and block-level editing (in/out markers, copy, paste, cut, delete, insert, reverse sequence order, make loopable, time stretching with frame blending...)
    • Animated swap channel and alpha channels from DWA or AVI files
    • Animated renderings in Raytracing with Puppy Ray
  • Filters and Special FX:
    • Numerous filters (140 and counting)
    • Filters for still images + Filters for animations
    • Adjust: Color, Value, Threshold, Saturation, Hue/Sat/Val, Auto balance, Tint, Value only contrast, Levels, Curves, Color FX, Adjust All...
    • Color: Map to current gradient, Negative, Invert value, Swap channels, Roll channels, Power curve, Posterize, Color replacer, Solarize, Sepia, Halftone, Halftone plus, Graphic halftone, Duotone, Tritone, 12-bit dither, 8-bit-dither, 1-bit-dither (Optimized, Error diffused, random,...)
    • Blur: Simple blur, Box filter, Gaussian blur, Custom blur, Motion blur, Zoom blur, Mystic vision, Chroma blur, Radial blur
    • Photographic: Soft contrast improvement, Light diffusion, Star filter, Fish eye, Fog filter, Sunset, Polarize, Day for night, Remove red from selection
    • Sharpen: Sharpen, Unsharp mask, Digital photo enhance, maX sharpen
    • Convolve: Grey emboss, Color emboss, Edge detect, Sobel edge detect, Color sobel edges, Maximum, Median, Minimum, MaxMin, MinMaxz, High pass, Abs, Gradient convolve, Convolution kernel, Iterative median, Adjustable median, Adjustable maximum, Adjustable minimum
    • Noise: Value noise, Color noise, Jitter, Jitter blur plus, Film grain
    • Transform: Transform, Shift, Warp mesh, Isometric 3d, 3D Designer, Puppy Ray (CPU/GPU) for Ray casting, Spherize, Globe, Textrix, Z noise, Twirl, Crystalize, Sinoid, Mosaic, Quilt, Rubber sheet, Wave distort, Mirage, Mirror, Fisheye correction, 3d perspective
    • Video: Slate color bars, De-interlace, Reverse fields, Reduce flicker, Video lines, Legalize (NTSC), Legalize (PAL), Countdown, TV pixels, Raster lines, Shift RGB, Repair dropput
    • Artistic: Apply current paper, Wet paint, Brush strokes, Tarnish, Weave, Graphic Pen, Oilify, Cross contour, Woodcut
    • Stylize: Lighting tool (3D), Glowing edges, Plastic wrap, Waxify
    • Render: Plasma noise, Bumby toy, Noises (Perlin1, 2, Fractal, Cosine), Radiant, Sky, Dread plating, Cellular, Checkerboard, Cold lava, Europa, Starfield, Brick texture, Woodgrain, Grid, Zrings, Mandelbrot, Triangles, Color cubes
    • Animated: Starry night, Animated glows and flares, Wiggle warp, Time shift RGB, Multi frame spherize, Tunnel, Wave in breeze, Sunset, Film flicker, Confetti, Multicolor, Time slice by alpha, Stabilize, Merge (keep selection opaque), Fill selection, Stroke path,Motion prediction module, Apply mirror, Undo buffer to animation
    • Combine with Swap: Mix buffers, Alpha blit, Premultiplied alpha blit, Additive, Subtractive, Multiply, Divide, Screen, Luminance, Complement, Difference, Around grey, Greater than, Less than, Texturize, Binary, Hue, Sat, Val, And, Or, Xor
    • Composite with Swap: Green screen, Blue screen, Color key
    • Displace by Swap: Displace, Cloaking displace, Pool displace, Jitter displace, Colortwirl displace
    • Emboss by Swap
    • And many more: LUA filters (gluas), DoggyFX, AnyFX for PD (by Pixelan), other 3rd-party plugins, make your own (free programming API), Array to Animation, Audio Recorder, Average Frames, CalendarWidget, Channels, Clock, Clock2, DogLuaBrowser, DogLuaEdit, Fieldpack, Forcefield, FramefromClipboard, Halloween_Clock2, Hexadecimal Picker, HexPackedCOlor, MatteCutter, MediaPlayerWidget, ModDogPlayer, Mouth, NumericSelect, Penny, Black hole, BlueRemove, Brick texture, LightBloom, Mirrage, Oilify, RandomFlares, SmudgeStick, Triangles, Tunnel, Wave distort, Wave in Breeze, Composite with image sequence (Greenscreen, Bluescreen, Color key, Alpha key(!), Cell edge composition), Ghosting, Snow fall, Old film, Lightning, heavenly animated Lens flares ...

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