Hair Conversion System II for Kids 4

Hair Conversion System II for Kids 4

A complete and professional package for converting prop (HR2) and figure (CR2) hair from several popular DAZ 3D figures to The Kids 4 using precise deformers and python scripts (Poser only).

Compatible 3D Figures
The Kids 4
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • A Complete Deformer System for Converting Prop and Figure Hair to The Kids 4. Requires Poser (version 6 through 8) or Poser PRO and/or DAZ Studio. Full package!
  • The Hair Deformers are Named so that it is easy to make custom adjustments
  • Easy, Illustrated PDF Guide with Tutorials is included and can be accessed from the python menu. It covers:
    • Converting Prop Hair (2 methods)
    • Converting Figure Hair
    • Overview of the included scripts PLUS Tips for Converting Headwear
  • Can Convert Prop (HR2) and Figure (CR2) Hair From:
    • Aiko 3
    • Victoria 1 and 2
    • Victoria 3
    • Victoria 4
    • Michael 1 and 2
    • Michael 3
    • Michael 4
  • Optional Neo-Magnet replacements for the standard Poser magnets. These add crosshairs and guides, making it easier to do precision work.
  • The System can also handle converting Figure hair that has non-standard body parts, if you are willing to 'parent' the results, rather than 'conform' it (called 'fit to' in DAZ Studio).
  • Eight (8) Python Scripts for Poser for quick and easy morph creation using the Magnet Sets. They eliminate all of the mundane tasks involved when using magnets to create full body morphs.
    • Create Hair Morph (main morph-creating script)
    • Apply Magnets to Selected (apply deformers to any object or figure in the scene)
    • Re-Parent Hair (a utility script for adjusted hair props)
    • Unlock Parts & Bends (a utility scripts for unlocking figure parts and turning on bending)
    • Texture Shaded Mode (go from wireframe to texture shaded mode in a click)
    • Remove Magnets (removes deformers from the scene)
    • Zero Rot/Scale/Trans + IK (a utility script for 'zeroing' out rotations and turning off IK)
    • Zero Morphs and ERC (a utility script for 'zeroing' out morphs)
    • Open PDF Guide (a script for easily accessing the PDF guide)
  • Easily switch the Python Palette in Poser to a Hair Conversion Menu and back again to the standard menu, using either a special 'prop' in the hair conversion library or via Poser 7/8 (and Poser PRO) Scripts Menu.

*** - Does not work with Poser Dynamic Hair

Compatible figures: 
Plagins and Utilities