Polina for Genesis 8.1 Female

Polina for Genesis 8.1 Female

Polina 8.1 is a complete character for Daz Studio Genesis 8.1 Female.
The character can be exported to other 3D Program.

The Materials are for Nvidia Iray only.
The Skin shader used is the Iray uber shader combined with the PBR Iray skin shader which is used for the eyes and Fingernails/Toenails only.
All the promotional Pictures were rendered in Daz Studio without any postwork.

Hair, Clothes and Accessories used in the Promo Pictures are not included.

What's Included :

Polina 8.1 Head Morph
Polina 8.1 Body Morph
Polina 8.1 Hip Bone Reduce Morph
Polina 8.1 Skin ( She comes with one makeup option and one No Makeup Option so you can add your own )
Polina 8.1 Eyebrows
Polina 8.1 Eyelashes Material
Polina 8.1 Gen Material
The Morphs are Located under : Actor/Full Body/Dexon3D/Polina 8.1

3 Tone Mapping Preset that i often use and 1 HDRI with Lights. ( Located in : Render Presets/Dexon3D )

Shaping Presets, Eyebrows and Materials are located in : People/Genesis 8 Female/Characters/Dexon3D/Polina 8.1

How To Use :
Load the Genesis 8.1 Female Basic into your scene, Then Use the shaping presets or Dial in the morphs manually.
Load the Eyebrows from the character folder
Load the skin and eyelashes materials from the character folder.

Item used in the Promotional Pictures ( Not included )

HY Ponytail LowBun Hair by HerYun

WF Matilda Hair by WindField

Hongyu's Bikini 2 for V8 by hongyu

Death Stranding Mama Hair by Guhzcoituz

Street Super Milk Suit by Yukatan

Trail Running Shoes 5 by Cute3D

MKS Tactical Sniper Rifle by Polish

Street Vignette Saint Louis by Hawke

Compact Cyberpunk Apartment Building by Silent Winter

Compatible figures: 
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