Poses for Dachshund Standalone

Poses for Dachshund Standalone

The Poses for Dachshund Standalone product is a set of 16 poses (all with mirrors) created for Dachshund Standalone. The poses are not supposed to work for Dachshund for Dog Nubis. Due to an extra ear bone the Dachshund Standalone has more flexible ears, which is demonstrated in the product Poses for Dachshund Standalone.

Unzip the product to your preferred Base Directory of Daz Studio containing the folder Animals.
The product files (.DUF) then could be found at the following path:
\Animals\Vyusur\Duchshund\Poses\Aesli\Poses for Dachshund Standalone\
PDS !Default.duf
PDS 01 Standing.duf (+mirror)
PDS 02 Walking Looking Aside.duf (+mirror)
PDS 03 Tail Up.duf (+mirror)
PDS 04 Tail Down.duf (+mirror)
PDS 05 Sitting On Side.duf (+mirror)
PDS 06 Stand Sitting.duf (+mirror)
PDS 07 Sitting.duf (+mirror)
PDS 08 Paw Giving.duf (+mirror)
PDS 09 Running A.duf (+mirror)
PDS 10 Running B.duf (+mirror)
PDS 11 Running C.duf (+mirror)
PDS 12 Running D.duf (+mirror)
PDS 13 Laying Sad.duf (+mirror)
PDS 14 Laying.duf (+mirror)
PDS 15 Laying on Back.duf (+mirror)
PDS 16 Sleeping.duf (+mirror)

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